The 7 key clues in Jay Slater's disappearance as police call off search

Jay Slater has not been heard from in almost two weeks
-Credit: (Image: Stan Kujawa)

Almost a fortnight after British teen Jay Slater disappeared in Tenerife, police have confirmed they've officially terminated their search efforts. While on holiday with mates attending a three-day rave festival on the island, the 19-year-old bricklaying apprentice from Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, went missing.

He had returned to an Airbnb with two men he met on Sunday, June 16, before attempting to walk back to his accommodation. Jay phoned his friend Lucy Law, on Monday, June 17, to inform her that he was disoriented and his phone had just one per cent battery life left.

After that call, no one has been able to reach Jay or even locate him. Mountain rescue teams and volunteers banded together in a massive search operation. A GoFundMe page raised more than £40,000 to help with the efforts.

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However, the search was called off this morning (June 30) as reporters arrived at the eerily quiet viewpoint, which was merely crowded with search groups and media personnel just 24 hours ago. A reliable source said that despite nearly spending two entire weeks meticulously searching the locale, there was "nothing of relevance found", reports the Mirror.

Numerous dramatic developments have surfaced in this case over the past couple of weeks, including top British detective Mark Williams-Thomas offering his expertise in the Canary Islands. As the search for Jay takes an abrupt ending, let's take a closer look at the main theories.

Cactus injury

During a call with his friend Lucy, Jay noted that he had injured his leg on a cactus. This detail led Civil Guard officers to search a nearby ravine close to where Jay's phone signal was last detected.

At a press conference held at the Mirador La Cruz de Hilda near the search site, authorities shared: "Another thing that leads us to that conclusion is that when he was on the phone to Lucy, he got caught by a cactus and he was worried that they might be poisonous - she said, don't worry, it won't be poisonous - but for that, he had to have left the main road,".

"If you were walking along the main road you wouldn't get pricked by a cactus. To do that, you would have had to have left the main road and be halfway up the mountain."

Slipping on rocks

Jay's friend Brad Hargreaves also disclosed how he thought he heard Jay "slipping on rocks" during their last phone conversation. Speaking to This Morning's Isla Traquair, Brad stated: "He was on the phone walking down a road and he'd gone over a little bit - not a big drop - but a tiny little drop and he was going down, and he said 'I'll ring ya back, I'll ring ya back' because I think someone else was ringing him."

"If he was thinking like me, he would have gone back up and started walking on the path again... He wouldn't have gone all that way down there."

Phone data

Detectives have honed in on Jay's phone data to pinpoint a more accurate location for the missing 19 year old. His phone lost power around 8.50am on Monday near a hiking trail in Rural de Teno park, just after he had a phone conversation with Lucy.

During Saturday's press conference, the Civil Guard confirmed that Jay was definitely at the location they are using as the starting point for their search. They stated: "We know to a certain science that he was here because the coverage of his phone its undeniable that he was around this point. And that's where we have difficulties, because once you turn off your phone, it can no longer be traced."

They further explained the limitations of the technology, saying: "So while he was walking - and we don't know how long he could have walked for - with his phone switched off, no antenna is going to pick that up. And the technology we have - it traces phones, but not people. We have certain clues, and we have to stick to those."


Jay's family and friends have reported that there was an attempt to log into Jay's Instagram account after his disappearance. It is believed that the account was accessed subsequent to the last time he was known to be active, although his close ones are adamant that neither he nor his mother have used the account since. The authorities have yet to make any public statement regarding this.


Snapchat may provide essential insights into Jay's last known activities. Just before he vanished, Jay uploaded a snapshot showing what seems to be a cigarette in his grasp, taken on stone steps at the AirBnB in Masca village at 7.30am.

Just hours prior, a video surfaced on the social media platform featuring Jay who appeared relaxed and cheery on that fateful Sunday evening. Filmed at approximately 8.35pm around Arona area of Santa Cruz, Tenerife, the short footage features the teenager sporting a grey T-shirt emblazoned with a green strip across the shoulders and accessorising with a black bag.

The clip, having been filmed by kin Isabelle Price, has since gained popularity in a dedicated Facebook group aimed at finding Jay, which has seen members skyrocket over the 40k mark. Accompanying the video, the caption sternly comes as a clear indication of what Jay's attire was on the night he vanished, with the overwhelming worry of family and friends praying for his safe recovery added beneath it.

Hoax calls and death threats

Jay's mum Debbie Duncan claims to have received horrifying prank calls and even petrifying death threats about her missing son minutes upon setting foot on Tenerife following his disappearance. The origin of these malicious messages is yet to be determined, yet unearthing the source could offer vital clues that may lead towards some explanation.

Debbie, aged 55, admits she was sent a chilling Snapchat message forewarning she will not see her son again due to him owing someone "a lot of money". She relayed: "There's no ransom demand come in yet but I got a Snapchat about 10 minutes after I got off the plane saying 'Kiss goodbye to your boy, you're never going to see him again, he owes me a lot of money'."

The concerned mother forwarded the message to the police and identified the sender's phone number. Her eldest son, Zak, managed to grab a screenshot of the text prior to it disappearing.

Criminal past

There is speculation about whether this incident is somehow related to the previous criminal history of Jay, who, last year, had a conviction for a brutal gang attack on a teenager that involved a machete.

Tenerife has a bit of a reputation for its association with drug trafficking and underworld criminal activities, thereby raising questions as to whether Jay's disappearance could be connected to something more sinister. However, two UK men who were with Jay on the eve of his disappearance have been cleared from the investigation, according to a statement by the Civil Guard on Saturday.

Various claims about Jay being sighted recently have surfaced, even though none of them have been verified. Locals reported having seen Jay shortly before he vanished, and there is also CCTV footage that some believe shows Jay later on that Monday.

CCTV reveals Jay dancing at the Papagayo Beach Club on the Sunday evening, and there are unverified statements of him being seen at an island bar. Regardless of the numerous sightings, none have resulted in any substantial leads.

Mum Debbie previously stated that an alleged witness told law enforcement they thought they saw Jay in Santiago village with two unidentified men on Monday night. Mayor Emilio Navarro, based in the Town Hall, has claimed there has been "no police" in Santiago del Teide, despite the reported sighting.

Mayor Navarro revealed to the Independent: "The Guardia Civil sent us an email asking for our security cameras. We could not give it to them as they are organised through a separate company, so the police are speaking to them. But that CCTV picture is not from us and I do not recognise that place - I do not think it is in Santiago del Tiede and he is not here. We will help the police but it makes no sense. We have had family and journalists here but we have seen no police."