8 Casualty spoilers for next week

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8 huge Casualty spoilers for next weekBBC

Casualty spoilers follow.

Next week on Casualty, Jacob goes on a downward spiral after clashing with Iain, while Faith struggles with withdrawal symptoms and Jan tries to change Gethin's mind about his decision to die.

Here's a full collection of the biggest moments to watch out for:

1. Jacob struggles in his new role


Jacob, Iain and Teddy are called out to a telecoms engineer called Ron, who is hanging from a building.

The equipment Ron was working on has been sabotaged and the paramedics are unable to call or radio for backup.

Iain decides that the team should attempt to pull Ron up by themselves, but Jacob, who is still struggling with his more junior student paramedic role, disagrees.

Jacob leaves the scene, with a view to calling for help, but Iain is furious when the ropes snap and Ron plummets to the ground.

2. Jacob and Iain clash

iain dean, casualty

Iain confronts Jacob back in the ED, insisting that he needs his team to back his decisions.

Iain can’t be sure it would have made a difference if Jacob had stayed, but he should have followed orders regardless.

Iain tells Jacob to take the rest of the shift off and to stop trying too hard to prove himself. Jacob takes this comment badly, assuming Iain is referring to what happened with Robyn .

3. Faith struggles with withdrawal symptoms

faith cadogan, casualty

Struggling with withdrawal symptoms, Faith decides to take the day off. However, Stevie spots her and her and begs her to work a shift.

As her withdrawal symptoms continue to take hold, Faith can’t draw up the painkillers while treating a patient, or put a line in fast enough.

Worried, Stevie asks Donna to take over and urges Faith to take a break.

4. Charlie supports Jacob


Feeling judged by Iain over the earlier incident, Jacob turns to Charlie.

He admits to Charlie that he’s worried he’s made a mistake by joining the paramedic team and can’t seem to get anything right.

Charlie tries to reassure Jacob that he has good intentions and can make this new role work.

5. Faith has an accident

faith cadogan, cameron mickelthwaite , casualty

Faith tries to cool herself down as she suffers from hot flashes but gets bitten by a patient's loose snake in the process.

Donna rushes Faith back to the ED, where Stevie encourages her to take codeine for the pain. Faith refuses – determined to get through the day without any drugs.

6. Jacob is on a downward spiral

jacob masters, casualty

Jacob apologises to Iain for their earlier run-in, and Iain assures him that he wasn’t trying to blame him for Robyn’s death.

Iain invites Jacob out for a drink, but Jacob claims he has studying to do.

In actual fact, Jacob goes to a lonely bar and drowns his sorrows. Worried, the barmaid asks if there's anyone to look after him but Jacob feels all alone, and he reckons he deserves it.

7. Jan tries to change Gethin’s mind

jan jenning, casualty

Still worried about Gethin’s wish to die, Jan calls in sick and takes him on a nostalgic seaside trip.

They enjoy the day together but when they return home, Gethin admits that it had been a struggle.

Gethin explains that, while he had fun, the physical effort was exhausting and he is not going to change his mind.

8. Cam tries to impress Jodie

jodie whyte, cameron mickelthwaite, casualty

Cam’s frustrated to hear Jodie say that she’s sick of men.

When Donna instructs them to evacuate the hospital, Jodie is worried what this will mean for their patients.

Desperate to impress her, Cam resolves to find the snake himself but his plan backfires.

Casualty airs on Saturdays on BBC One and streams on BBC iPlayer.

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