80-degree weather, afternoon showers predicted across Chicago area Saturday

Summer-like temperatures in Chicago are expected to approach 80 degrees Saturday before showers move across the region in the afternoon.

Predicted highs ranged from 76 to 80 degrees, with showers and thunderstorms possible after 4 p.m. Southerly winds could gust as high as 45 mph, peaking around mid-morning, according to the National Weather Service.

Showers will be widespread in the evening and overnight, with the most severe storms west of the Fox River. Downpours could lead to isolated flooding in low-lying regions.

“We’re expecting showers and thunderstorms more south of Chicago, closer to central Illinois,” said meteorologist David King. “In the city, a lot of the thunderstorms will be passing in the overnight hours when people are asleep.”

Saturday’s forecast is marked by oppressive humidity, King added.

“Especially this early in the morning, having 78% humidity gets to the rare side of things,” King said. “It’s gonna be pretty muggy out there.”

The unseasonable warmth is expected to continue into Sunday, with cloudy skies and high temperatures near 76 degrees. Showers will be intermittent throughout the day, according to the weather service. Thunderstorms are most likely in the city after 6 p.m.

“We’re getting into the springtime, where we can expect more thunderstorms,” King said.

High temperatures on Monday will hover around 72 degrees, according to the weather service. No rain is currently forecasted.

“Other than the lingering showers, it’s looking like a drier day,” King said.