80s school dinner menu with treats and prices you may remember

A boy tucks into his school dinner in the 80s
A boy tucks into his school dinner in the 80s -Credit:SSPL/Manchester Daily Express/Getty Images

An old school menu from the 1980s has recently been rediscovered and its items and prices are bound to spark some memories.

Throughout our school years, many of us will remember eating the same hot school meals, sandwiches and desserts on a regular basis - and occasionally, if you were lucky, you may have gotten extra. But, these dishes and treats may have been left behind when we walked out of the school gates for the last time.

Some were arguably beige beauties that wouldn't live up to nutritional standards today, whereas others remain staple favourites. But many of us still reminisce about how things used to be, from items on the menu to the cost which reflect that time.

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The ECHO previously took a look back at 19 things we had for our school dinners that we loved or loathed - but we've since rediscovered an old British school dinner menu from 1980, courtesy of our archives, Mirrorpix. It is not known which school the menu came from and where, but you may feel nostalgic looking at it.

It may remind you of your old school menus, or while it might not have looked like your school menu, the items and prices may spark some memories. Some will remember items included being at their schools, or the school dinner options being chalked up on a board for all to see and in other cases, former pupils will have never been given the choice of what they had at lunchtime, or so many options.

A school dinner menu from 1980
A British school dinner menu from 1980 -Credit:Mirrorpix

The menu, dated February 25, 1980, shows starters, main dishes, sweets and daily items. On the menu, fruit juices and the soup of the day - chicken - cost 10p. On the daily item section, pupils could also get the likes of sausage rolls for 14p, bacon and egg for 26p and a ploughman's lunch for 36p, the most expensive item on the menu.

At the time, a packet of crisps cost 7p and an egg and tomato roll was 16p. That day, the main dish was mince dumplings with chips and vegetables for 25p, with the salad of the day - cheese and egg - at the same price.

Do these awaken any memories for you? Let us know in the comments section below.

For 16p, there were also hot dogs, beef burgers and spam pizza. In some schools, these items wouldn't have been as regular and more of a special treat.

The sweet choice at the time was a currant and cherry slice with custard for 10p. Other items on the menu also include a piece of cake, a milkshake and biscuit, yoghurt and more.

For children who grew up in the 80s across Merseyside, this menu may be a lot bigger with items they never had at school. But they offer a glimpse into prices at the time and some school dinner choices pupils enjoyed in the 80s.

The ECHO previously took a look back at school dinner options schoolchildren in Merseyside will remember from across the generations, many which haven't featured in the menu we see here. A controversial corkscrew-shaped treat - the Turkey Twizzlers are still remembered today not only for their taste, but the frenzy when they were banned from schools, thanks in part to celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver.

Pasta King was a top-tier edition to the lunch time menu and still exists in a number of local schools. And forget about your triangle slices, square or rectangle shaped pizza was everywhere during our school days and usually served with chunky chips.

Some generations will remember also having mashed potato 'from an ice-cream scoop' and while the thought of a spam fritter is not particularly appetising for youngsters of today, generations ago it was a staple in our local schools.

And the sweet treats were also a massive part of our school days. Still referred to as 'school cake,' nothing could beat a square slice of sponge cake with white icing and multi-coloured sprinkles on top.

Pink custard would also be paired with many retro school desserts and another sweet treat to rival the school cake was the jam and coconut cake. You either loved it or loathed it - but for generations, rice pudding was the only dessert on offer in school.

And for some generations, you knew it was a good day when Arctic Roll was on the menu. The thought of semolina and jam may still send shivers down some ex-pupils' spines - but other children absolutely loved it.

Tapioca is loathed by many from older generations and arguably unknown by school children of today. And sometimes known simply as school buns or iced finger buns, you can still buy these treats from your school days in many chain and independent bakeries.

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