9-1-1 boss breaks down importance of the season 6 midseason premiere's shock 'death'

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9-1-1 boss breaks down importance of shock 'death'Getty Images

9-1-1 season 6 midseason premiere spoilers follow.

9-1-1's showrunner has opened up about the supposed death in the show's midseason premiere.

The next series of season 6 episodes kicked off last night (March 6) with 'In a Flash', which saw a huge thunderstorm hit Los Angeles. As a result, the team deals with a series of a emergencies.

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However, by the end, Evan 'Buck' Buckley (Oliver Stark) is hit by a bolt on top of a ladder, seemingly left for dead.

Show boss Kristen Reidel has now revealed that Buck will be "dying and coming back" next week, explaining in a new interview that it forms a huge part of his journey.

“Buck has been on this journey this year to find out the purpose of his life and what he requires to be happy and the kind of person he wants to be,” she told Variety.

“And it just felt like nothing really focuses you like dying – or so I’m told. It’s just this idea that at any moment, any of us could die, right? You can walk into the street and be hit by a bus.

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"So the idea that time was limited and we should spend our time on what matters and make ourselves happy and worry less about what everybody else thinks – that’s a huge part of Buck’s story, in general, on the show."

Reidel went on to note that Buck has "always been a person who defines himself by how other people see him", adding: “So dying and coming back, it’s an important lesson for him to learn that how he sees himself is the most important thing.

"And it harkens back to the thing Bobby says to him in the first episode of the season, which is: you can be alone and be at peace.”

9-1-1 and 9-1-1: Lone Star both air on FOX and Hulu in the US and Sky Witness in the UK.

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