9 Casualty spoilers for next week

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9 huge Casualty spoilers for next weekBBC

Casualty spoilers follow.

Next week on Casualty, Jan agrees to help Gethin, Faith's secrets continue to unravel and Donna and Max play a dangerous game.

Here's a full collection of the biggest moments coming up:

1. Jan makes a life-changing decision

jan jenning, casualty

While helping Gethin prepare for his trip, Jan decides she will go with him to Switzerland – despite being aware of the implications for her.

On the day that they are due to leave, Jan gets delayed by an incident at work and almost misses the plane.

2. Iain learns the truth

iain dean, jan jenning, casualty

Jan is panicked that she might not make the flight in time and ends up telling Iain everything about the plan.

Iain is appalled and reminds Jan that the consequences are dire, and there are other options here.

3. Faith struggles to cope

faith cadogan, casualty

Faith is off work and is still using drugs when she's disturbed by Natalia.

Natalia knows something isn't right, but Faith insists she's fine and dismisses her.

4. Teddy tries to stop Jan's plans

teddy, casualty

Teddy also notices something is amiss with Jan and probes about what's going on.

When Iain tells him everything, Teddy is shocked and becomes determined not to let it happen.

At the airport, Gethin isn't allowed to board without a companion, but will Jan arrive in time or not?

5. Max confronts Stevie

stevie, max, casualty

Stevie is in a volatile mood at work, repeatedly snapping at her colleagues.

Concerned, Max asks her if there's anything she'd like to tell him regarding Faith's involvement in the stolen prescription drugs.

Stevie feigns ignorance, but Max implores her to talk to Faith.

When she speaks to Faith on the phone, Stevie urges her to be honest with Natalia over her cancer lie so things don't get any worse than they already are.

6. Stevie tells Natalia the truth

stevie, casualty

Stevie decides to go for a drink with Ryan after work, an offer she initially rejected due to her bad mood.

Stevie arrives at the pub, buying shots for everyone – needing a distraction from the stressful day she's had.

Natalia is furious when she finds Stevie in the pub and accuses her of prioritising getting drunk over caring for Faith.

7. Dylan tries to support Donna

donna, dylan keogh, casualty

Donna's sentencing is looming and Dylan tries to support her.

Donna is grateful for Dylan's help, but is unable to ignore her growing feelings for Max.

8. Faith faces the music

faith cadogan, casualty

At home, Faith is a mess and is caught out by Natalia when she goes to take drugs again.

Natalia is horrified by what she has witnessed and leaves home with her siblings.

Stevie arrives to find Faith at her lowest ebb – she's lost everything.

Finally, Faith acknowledges that she's an addict and Stevie comforts her.

9. Donna and Max are caught out

max, donna jackson, casualty

As their personal relationship spills over into the professional, Max and Donna continue to flirt at work – aware they're playing a dangerous game.

They are left mortified when they are later caught in a tryst by a crushed Dylan, but what will he do with his discovery?

Casualty will air these scenes on Saturday, September 9 0n BBC One.

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