9 Emmerdale spoilers for next week

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

In next week's Emmerdale episodes, Nate goes to war with Caleb with help from Cain and Aaron.

Meanwhile Kerry returns to the village with the police, and Vanessa wins back Suzy.

Here are the 9 big moments to watch out for.

1. Ruby is suspicious

caleb, ruby, emmerdale

Nate is encouraged by Cain and Moira to return to work at the car firm and exercise his rights as partner. Caleb agrees to his return but Ruby is suspicious when he says he needs to sort the accounts.

Convinced he's hiding something, Ruby demands to see the accounts, and Caleb reluctantly agrees.

2. Kim stirs the pot

ruby, kim tate, emmerdale

Watching on, Kim is amused to see Nate threatening Caleb, and her interest leaves the businessman concerned.

With Ruby confirming she'll help Kim take Caleb down, Kim finds a way to rile up Nate. Jealousy soon turns to anger when Nate sees Caleb and Tracy talking and demands to be bought out of the business.

When Caleb admits he can't afford that, Nate turns to violence, pleasing Kim.

3. Nate plots revenge

nate, ruby, emmerdale

After their confrontation, Nate wants revenge on his uncle. He asks Aaron for help stealing cars, but Aaron walks away and goes to Cain for advice.

As Nate goes through with his plan, Cain promises to help his son, then Nate goes one step further for payback – crushing Caleb's Bentley.

4. Ruby demands proof of Caleb's love

caleb, ruby, emmerdale

Ruby is increasingly upset to realise Caleb's affair with Tracy was emotional as well as physical. Despite his reassurance, she demands he makes Tracy hate him.

Caleb leaves Ruby upset and angry, only to see the damage done by Nate, Cain and Aaron. Not only does he have to deal with the humiliation, but the insurance company want details on the stolen cars and Ruby's bitterness is overwhelming.

To make matters worse, Ruby makes her intentions clear and tells him he must prove where his loyalties lie and ruin Tracy's business presentation. Will he comply?

5. Kerry returns to the village

kerry wyatt, emmerdale

Amy and Matty's wedding plans are derailed by the arrival of Kerry – with the police in tow.

Dressed as Cher, Kerry tells her version of events, explaining that she has been falsely accused of stealing by her fiancé and promises Amy she's back home to be a good mum.

6. Aaron supports Chas

chas dingle, aaron dingle, emmerdale

Vinny lets slip to Chas that Aaron has no intention of getting the BRCA2 gene test, which upsets her.

Lydia steps in and informs Aaron about his mum's appointment, telling him she might need support.

Chas is grateful to have her son by her side as she confirms she wants a double mastectomy, later breaking down in tears. After a difficult day, Aaron relents and requests his gene test referral.

7. Rhona fights for Ivy

gus, rhona goskirk, emmerdale

Realising that Gus has lied about his promise to stick around and share custody of Ivy, Rhona realises she'll never be able to trust him.

Vowing to keep hold of Ivy no matter the cost, Rhona realises she has a huge fight on her hands.

8. Vanessa and Suzy reunite

vanessa woodfield, emmerdale

At The Woolie, Gail hosts a karaoke night and Vanessa seizes the opportunity to charm Suzy.

Flattered by her performance, Suzy is won over and the pair kiss, as heartbroken Mary watches.

9. Charity is overwhelmed

charity, mackenzie, emmerdale

When Mackenzie learns no charges are being brought against Charity for the accidental stabbing, he's relieved. But when he tries to hug her she flinches.

She invites the children over to visit but is forced to put on an act to disguise her discomfort. Mack can sense what she's going through and the two reach an understanding.

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX.

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