91-Year-Old Vows to Walk 100 Miles in Support of British Pubs

An elderly man vowed to walk 100 miles in Belford, England, as part of a campaign to save Britain’s pubs.

Footage taken by Twitter user @JMarkDodds shows the man, identified as @JMarkDodds’s father, walking in Belford.

According to the Campaign for Pubs, the 91-year-old, Roy, had walked to “give many pubs a better, sustainable future.”

“The Campaign for Pubs exists to be a powerful voice representing pubs, publicans and pub campaigners, fighting to support, promote and protect our pubs in all communities across the United Kingdom,” wrote the organization on their website, advocating for pub protection against large corporate interests and high taxes, as well as pushing for a “better and stronger planning system that recognizes the community value of pubs.” Credit: @JMarkDodds via Storyful