Aaron Carter’s Twin Sister Angel Carter Says She Prepared for His Death in Therapy for Years: “I Feared It My Entire 20s”

Aaron Carter’s twin sister, Angel Carter, recently opened up about her brother’s struggles and how she prepared for his death years before it happened.

Angel stopped by Taylor Lautner and wife Taylor Dome’s podcast The Squeeze, where she got candid about Aaron’s death in 2022 and the family dynamics that likely played a part in it. Of the five Carter siblings, Angel and Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter are the only ones who are still alive. When their first sibling, Leslie, died, Angel explained that she was completely blindsided by it.

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“I didn’t see that one coming. When she died, I was already in therapy preparing for Aaron’s death. I thought he was going to die,” she said on the podcast. “I feared it my entire 20s. I knew this day was going to come, and I think he knew it too ’cause he could not get out of it.”

Angel shared that she tried to show Aaron tough love and be honest with him about his mental health and addiction struggles, but she said that he didn’t want to hear it from her: “He needed his parents to step up.”

When his parents, Jane and Robert Carter, got divorced in 2004, Angel revealed that she thought Aaron felt responsible for their split because he saw what his fame and money did to them and their relationship, and the greed it caused.

“As a kid, he thought it was his fault, and he carried that with him throughout his entire life,” she said. “He thought that the success destroyed the family, and it wasn’t his responsibility to carry all that weight. … He had his innocence stripped away from him, and he would often be out on these long tours year-round, gone, just wanting to come home.”

Instead of encouraging him to come home, his parents would push him to finish the tour and promise they’d buy him a boat or something else (with his money) when he got back, Angel explained. “He just wanted to be home,” she added. “He just wanted to be a kid. He wanted to make friends and go play outside. His innocence was not protected.”

Aaron’s legacy following years of mental health struggles and the allegations of sexual assault against Nick were recently explored in Investigation Discovery’s Fallen Idols: Nick and Aaron Carter.

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