Abandoned Dogs Are Adopted Together, Renamed Biggie and Smalls

Two stray dogs that were found tied to a fence in Portland, Oregon, have found their forever homes – together. The two dogs were originally named Phillip and Dade, however, their new owners have renamed the little and large pair Biggie and Smalls.

Both were severely underweight when first found. Smalls, an eight-year-old white poodle mix, had extensive matted hair and vets were forced to shave his coat, while he also had dental issues. Biggie, a six-year-old chocolate Great Dane mix, was under 50 pounds. The dogs were treated and then sent to Multnomah County Animal Services, where they were adopted.

According to their new owner, Biggie has not only put on weight but has even learned to open the fridge. In a Facebook post from Multnomah County Animal Services, their owner says the dogs are good listeners “when they want to be.” Credit: YouTube/DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital via Storyful