Abbey Clancy laughs off headlines about her possible UFO encounter

Abbey Clancy couldn't help but laugh at the headlines about her possible UFO sighting.

During Tuesday's episode of The Therapy Crouch with her husband Peter Crouch, the model addressed the headlines she read about herself after discussing her UFO experience on the podcast in late January.

"Abbey's become the spokesperson for UFOs," Peter joked. "So, all UFO people are getting in touch with her and saying, 'Yep. It's OK. You're with us, sister.' You're now the UFO spokesperson."

"Do you know what? I'm happy with that," Abbey told Peter of the fan mail they received following the episode. "But the thing is, I don't understand why I was on the front of every single newspaper, how I'm left shaking and terrified because of my encounter with a UFO."

She continued, "If you listen back to our podcast, I said, quote, 'I'm not saying that it was a UFO that I saw, per se, however, it was very unusual, these lights that I saw, three lights in a formation, that all flew off in a different direction at the end.'"

In the original episode, the TV personality claimed she saw three oblongs of white light above her car while driving on the motorway. She asked alien experts to get in touch and tell her if she really saw a UFO.

On Tuesday, Abbey continued, "You know, it's not nice waking up in the morning, on the front of the paper, that I'm shaken up by UFOs... It could be worse. Has been worse. Could be a lot worse. However, it just makes me laugh."