Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch forced to delay vow renewal due to World Cup final

Abbey Clancy has revealed she was forced to change the date of her renewal of vows with husband Peter Crouch after it clashed with the World Cup final.

The 37-year-old model and TV presenter married the former England footballer player, 42, in 2011.

Speaking on the Jonathan Ross Show, Clancy revealed the couple’s vow renewal to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary was first postponed due to the pandemic and later rescheduled to avoid clashing with the World Cup final last year.

“It was supposed to be on a certain day but it was the World Cup final,” she said.

“So he said ‘I’m not marrying you again on the day of the World Cup final’. So we had to change the day.”

The pair, who have four children, finally renewed their vows in a sunset ceremony in the Maldives in December last year.

Clancy said: “We wanted to renew our vows at 10 years but we were in lockdown.

“The kids were there. We didn’t have any kids at our first wedding so it was nice for them to be involved.”

Crouch added: “After 10 years, I wanted to do something special because she puts up with us and the kids.

“She runs the household so I wanted to do something.”

The couple host The Therapy Crouch podcast, on which they discuss the trials and tribulations of married life and relationships, and offer advice to listeners.

Revealing how the podcast came about, Crouch, who also presents sports show That Peter Crouch Podcast, said: “I’ve got a podcast that I absolutely love doing but that was obviously talking about football.

“For me and Ab to do one together, it was something we can do at home and I think everyone sees Ab modelling or in pictures and maybe have misconceptions – it’s easy to judge someone by a couple of pictures.

“I think when you hear Ab speak, she’s incredibly funny, she’s warm and our dynamic is nice.

“It seems to have gone quite well so we’re pleased.”

Clancy and Crouch were joined by comedians Alan Carr, Babatunde Aleshe and Amy Gledhill, actor Andy Serkis and singer-songwriter Paolo Nutini.

The Jonathan Ross Show airs on Saturday at 21.40 on ITV1 and ITVX.