Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch give their verdict on divorce parties

Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch have weighed in on celebrity divorce parties.

During Tuesday's episode of their podcast The Therapy Crouch, the model and former footballer passed judgement on celebrities throwing parties to celebrate their divorces.

"I don't know how I feel about divorce parties. I think keep it low-key, I would," Pete told Abbey. "Unless it was a woman's scorn, getting angry and like, trying to post it everywhere, then it's like, they're having a go at their husband, I think."

He argued, "It's aggressive, isn't it? I think. Having a divorce party. I think it is. I don't think it's anything you should be proud of. Like, it's bad, what's happened."

In February 2021, reports arose that Kim Kardashian was planning a divorce party to celebrate her split from Kanye West, however, it was never confirmed. Blurred Lines singer Robin Thicke reportedly threw a bash in October 2014 after splitting from Paula Patton.

"Well, if you were married to some loser who you hated, and he was finally out of your life, it's a call for a celebration: AKA divorce party," Abbey countered on the podcast. "I think when you're getting divorced, most people hate each other at that stage."

Upon hearing the reports about Robin, Abbey exclaimed, "Robin Thicke! I think it's a bit weird, men doing it!"

Abbey and Pete have been married since June 2011 and share four children.