Which ‘Abbott Elementary’ Character Had the Best Halloween Costume?

Gilles Mingasson/ABC
Gilles Mingasson/ABC

Every Wednesday in October has been leading up to the final one, the blessed last Wednesday before November begins—aka, the day that Abbott Elementary unveiled its Halloween episode. Get your candy and costume ready. “Candy Zombies” is one of the greats.

To set the mood, the entire episode is backdropped by a stormy day outside. It’s sad for little trick-or-treaters, but what a great way to get everyone feeling spooky and scary! The most terrified teacher is Jacob (Chris Perfetti), who can’t avoid Mr. Johnson’s (William Stanford Davis) tale of the dead ghost janitor in the basement of the school. You know, I wouldn’t really want to hang out in a school’s basement, either. It’s dirty and creepy down there!

While the teachers have some stellar costumes (Janine is Philadelphia 76ers player James Harden; Gregory is Sully Sullenberger; a handful of others are Marvel favorites), the awards for best get-ups clearly go to the kids. One of the children dresses as janitor Mr. Johnson, pushing around a mop all day and sporting a bald cap. Mr. Johnson appreciates the bit, but he also threatens to sue.

The best costume goes to Baby Thanos, a child with a major penchant for candy. He overthrows the entire school when he goes rogue and steals a whole three garbage bags full of it. He then doles out candy to every child at Abbott Elementary. Chaos ensues. Frazzled from a massive sugar rush, the entire school is forced into the gym for a recess period.

What better character than Thanos is there for this tiny, adorable, frenzied student to dress up as for Halloween? When he’s finally found out as the candy robber by mini-Mr. Johnson, Baby Thanos is sitting with an Infinity Gauntlet of ring pops. The pair re-enact the “What did it cost?” scene from Avengers: Infinity War. It’s glorious. Later on in the episode, a whole slew of Marvel-dressed characters also recreate the scene in which Thanos rips out Vision’s head gemstone. Fans of Marvel and Abbott were thrilled, and rightfully so.

Every single child actor on Abbott Elementary has been a game-changer. They steal every scene. Give them all Emmy Awards to put next to their toys at home.

There are some other winners we haven’t mentioned yet. Polar opposites Ashley (Keyla Monterroso Mejia) and Melissa (Lisa Ann Walter) both dress as WandaVision’s Scarlet Witch, but it’s clear that the latter spent way more time on her costume. Jacob dresses as an evil little robber, aka “Wage Theft,” a bit that everyone understands perfectly well for some reason. Barbara (Sheryl Lee Ralph) is a bumblebee with letters printed on her costume—a “spelling bee.” Ha!

Janine flaunts one more costume before the (hopefully inaugural) Halloween episode wraps, ditching the scratchy beard for a dazzling hot pink ball gown as Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. She looks great! And Gregory notices—that slow burn is really sizzling, and we’re all so eager to see the romance blossom. Now that the Halloween episode is in the past, we’re eagerly awaiting a Valentine’s Day episode about the two of them.

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