Abdul Ezedi drowned in Thames, police confirm

Abdul Ezedi drowned in River Thames, police confirm
Abdul Ezedi drowned, police confirmed, after previous reports suggested he had entered the River Thames

The body of Abdul Ezedi has been formally identified by police, with officers saying he died by drowning in the River Thames.

The Metropolitan Police said Ezedi’s cause of death was confirmed following a post-mortem examination on Wednesday.

He was formally identified on Thursday and his family had been informed, the force said.

Detectives searching for Ezedi, the man wanted for the corrosive substance attack on a mother and her children in Clapham, recovered the body on Monday.

The body was spotted by a passing boat close to Tower Pier at around 4pm on Monday, Scotland Yard said.

Met Commander Jon Savell said: “We have worked to formally identify Ezedi as quickly as possible.

“As the public would expect, our inquiries continue into this atrocious attack. The 31-year-old woman is still in hospital and remains in a stable condition and no longer sedated.

“We have still not been able to speak to her but hope to as soon as she is well enough.”

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