Abigail Breslin received 'death threats' over Michael Clifford break-up song

Abigail Breslin received death threats credit:Bang Showbiz
Abigail Breslin received death threats credit:Bang Showbiz

Abigail Breslin got "death threats" over her break-up song about Michael Clifford.

The 27-year-old actress released 'You Suck' in 2014 after her relationship with the 5 Seconds of Summer singer came to an end and she recalled receiving "such hate online" over the track.

Appearing on Christy Carlson Romano's video podcast series 'Vulnerable', she said: "I was getting death threats sent to me. People were showing up outside of my apartment. All this crazy, crazy [stuff]... People were like, 'I hope you get killed and raped and, like, thrown out into the streets.' "

The 'Scream Queens' actress explained she received the messages on social media but also had handwritten letters delivered to her home.

Abigail - who married Ira Kunyansky in January 2023 - admitted the song is "not great" and the period surrounding the break-up was very "traumatising" for her.

She said: "I don't even need to be cryptic about it. Everyone knows who it's about.

"Let's be real, the song does kind of suck a little bit. It's not a great song.

"It was the most traumatising experience because I did write the song about him basically because, you know, you're 17, 16 or 17 ... and I definitely had a much bigger idea of what this relationship was than maybe he thought.

"I had gotten what I felt to be 'burned' by him in some way, and I wrote a very bad song called 'You Suck' about him.

"I did not realise though that people would put two and two together so much; didn't realize that, like, the week before I released it he was going to become this huge boy band."

Weeks after she released the song, Michael addressed it on Twitter.

He wrote: "I didn't find your joke song funny."

And Abigail admitted his comment further fuelled the backlash against her.

She said: "I had this onslaught of these girls just literally hating on me. And not to make it into a whole thing, but that is what I feel like we're kind of stepping away from now. ... Nobody ever wants to say, 'Oh, maybe he did something to you,' you know, whatever."