Abigail Breslin Shuts Down Katy Perry Fan ‘Death Threats’ After Saying Artists Shouldn’t ‘Work With Known Abusers’

Abigail Breslin didn’t back down Wednesday after Katy Perry fans caught wind of remarks she made criticizing musicians who work with “known abusers.” Fan accounts on X proceeded to spam Breslin with insults about her music and acting career, and the 28-year-old “Little Miss Sunshine” Oscar nominee said she even received death threats for the comments.

“So I made a post condemning abusers and supporting an artist I love… and apparently that means receiving death threats… cool,” the actress said following her initial post.

Breslin’s Wednesday evening X post read, “Working with known abusers in any industry just contributes to the narrative that men can do abhorrent s–t and get away with it. On another note, I love @KeshaRose and she gave one of the best shows I’ve ever been to last year. Stream Kesha!”

Many took the post as a not-so-subtle nod to the continued industry success of Dr. Luke (née Lukasz Gottwald), who most recently collaborated on the production of Perry’s new single, “Woman’s World.”

As a producer, Gottwald notably helped steer the early career of Kesha, but their working relationship disintegrated around a 2014 lawsuit alleging he drugged, raped and abused her, which itself sparked a nine-year legal battle. (The two reached a settlement in 2023.) Perry was additionally brought into the proceedings after Gottwald named her in his defamation lawsuit against Kesha over the allegations.

Since the announcement of “Woman’s World,” Perry has taken quite a bit of heat online for collaborating with Gottwald, despite his sordid reputation — and on a song called “Woman’s World,” no less, itself meant to be an anthem for women’s empowerment.

That was the water Breslin waded into Wednesday when she voiced her support for Kesha on X. The Ryan Murphy regular first followed up her post expressing surprise that it got under any fandom’s skin — “Really…? I didn’t say anything awful, everyone calm down. I said I don’t support abusers. Crucify me.” But she soon went on the defensive, quote tweeting those attacking her career, calling her a hypocrite and saying she only posted her statement for “clout” with kiss-off responses.

“Ya bb you saw right through me. I just knew this would be the comeback I needed,” she wrote one user who accused her of clout-chasing by denouncing abusers.

“Aww we love threatening violence. You’re adorable,” she wrote in response to a gif punching her in the face.

In another, she laughed off a Perry fan who said “Scream Queens” was her “biggest gig”: “Oh s–t, I thought my biggest gig was the one I got nominated for an Oscar for but … OK!”

Breslin also retweeted messages of support and understanding while being inundated with the negative messages. She appeared unaffected by the comments. She then wrapped up her posting spree a few hours later by defending her statement one last time.

“Alright. Goodnight everybody. I’m not going to stop speaking out against abuse. I never said a negative thing about your fave. Please relax. I’m allowed to have a perspective. You’re allowed to roast my career and treat me horribly, but I don’t know why you would. I stand by what I said,” she said.

It’s worth noting that Breslin never mentioned Dr. Luke or Perry by name, only denounced abusers “in any industry” and shouted out support for Kesha, whose new song “Joyride” is out now.

Representatives for Perry did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.

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