Accident Leaves Ed Balls Needing A Strictly Make-Over

Ed Balls is probably one of the more awkward stars donning the spandex for Strictly Come Dancing this year – and it seems his clumsiness isn’t just restricted to ballroom dancing.

The former shadow Chancellor was spotted outside BBC Broadcasting House with a nasty looking gash on his forehead, which could’ve left Strictly fans wondering whether being thrown around the dancefloor by ballroom star Katya Jones was taking its toll on the 49-year-old politician.

Luckily the story behind the unsightly wound is a little more mundane, with the ex-Labour MP sheepishly admitting that he managed to walk straight into a glass door while attempting to leave the office of a national newspaper. Never mind Ed, we’ve all done it.

“I’m now on 5 live and I look like I’ve done a few rounds in a boxing ring,” the politician told his Facebook followers. “What I need right now is one of the brilliant Strictly make-up artists to do a bit of cover-up!”

A nice sequined plaster or a spandex bandage should do the trick.

Ed made no secret that he’s lacking in the ballroom department ahead of his appearance on the show, and is clearly still trying to come to terms with his first televised attempts at dancing.

“I am not sure which was more traumatic, my dad moves, which look rather more dad like than I expected, or the pictures of me with all these sparkling celebrities, and me looking like the person who is going to serve the drinks in this bow tie.”

Never mind, Ed. Judging by previous series of Strictly, that should mean you’re safe for a couple of months yet.