The acclaimed U.S. pop star who's an oatcake-loving adopted Stokie

Indie star Beth Ditto admits she visits Stoke-on-Trent 'a lot' - and absolutely loves oatcakes. It was a revelation that few expected from the Arkansas star while she was at Glastonbury.

But the 43-year-old singer revealed how her 'British family' lives in the Potteries. Beth, real name Marth Beth Patterson, was at the festival with the band, who had split in 2016 before reforming three years later.

Their set at Worthy Farm attracted top marks where they finished on the 2006 anthem, Standing In The Way of Control - which many music fans would have busted a move to at Hanley's Underground and Sugarmill 'back in the day'. While taking to the dance floor not many would have realised that Beth is a regular visitor to the city.

In an interview with the BBC at Glastonbury she said: "You know where I go to a lot? Stoke-on-Trent."

Sounding somewhat surprised a double-check on the location was made. But she asserted: "Yeah, Stokie, I go there a lot."

When asked why she responded: "Because my British family lives there, I have a little posse there." And when it comes to her favourite thing - she was quick to mention oatcakes and our superb pottery.

She told the BBC: "Well the pottery and just visiting them. And getting some oatcakes. Staffordshire, shout out. But yeah, I really just like it there. It's a family vibe. That's where Slash is from you know?"

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