Actor Jonathan Tucker saves mom and young kids from home invasion

In a scene out of an action movie, actor Joshua Tucker rushed to stop a home invasion in the ritzy Los Angeles neighborhood of Hancock Park on Sunday evening.

Tucker, who has appeared in the TV series Kingdom, spotted the intruder enter a home on his block, where he lives with his wife and twin children, and quickly jumped into action.

“If you want a quote, call the LAPD because those guys are the real heroes. They put their lives on the line every day multiple times a day,” Tucker told Los Angeles magazine. “They responded within minutes, while I was still on the phone with a 911 dispatcher. It was an extraordinary response.”

Police told the magazine that Tucker was still on the phone with cops around 6:30 p.m. when he saw the intruder actually walk into the home. The actor rushed inside, carrying a little girl out to the street before going back inside to escort the mom and her “terrified” infant to safety, cops said. One video obtained from the scene shows the actor and the woman’s husband running into the residence.

Authorities showed up minutes later and reportedly found the intruder hiding in a bedroom closet. He was walked out of the residence in handcuffs. It’s not clear what the man has been charged with.

The mother reportedly told cops that she’d seen the man in the hallway and instructed her children to run outside and toward the back of the home.

Actor Jonathan Tucker seen running into a home in Los Angeles’ Hancock Park to help stop a home invasion on Sunday (ABC7)
Actor Jonathan Tucker seen running into a home in Los Angeles’ Hancock Park to help stop a home invasion on Sunday (ABC7)

One neighbor said that she had noticed the man going door to door and found his behavior strange but didn’t think about it further. The man appeared to be disoriented and was seen talking to himself.

Officials with the Los Angeles Police Department said the intruder appeared to be suffering from some type of mental illness.

“It just gives you a feeling of being violated,” the neighbor said. “It’s scary, especially with kids.”

Hancock Park has been a favored neighborhood among Hollywood’s wealthy elite, attracting big screen royalty, from Clark Gable and Ava Gardner to Margot Robbie and Jason Alexander.

It sits just below Paramount Studios and five miles east of Beverly Hills. Most of the homes are easily accessible on quiet residential streets.

Tucker has appeared in other productions including Westworld, Parenthood, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Charlie’s Angeles.