‘I actually screamed’: Tuca & Bernie fans distraught after animated series is dropped for a second time

Tuca & Bernie (Adult Swim)
Tuca & Bernie (Adult Swim)

Tuca & Bernie has been cancelled once again, the show’s creator Lisa Hanawalt announced on Twitter Wednesday (2 November).

The animated adult programme about two anthropomorphic female birds was given a second lease of life on Adult Swim after being cancelled by Netflix after its first season.

“To all our fans – we love you and can’t thank you enough for your support over the years,” Hanawalt wrote in her tweet. “Please never stop making weird fan art (and dressing up as the characters for Halloween!), it brings me endless joy.”

The series ran for another two seasons on the US cable network, but will not return for season four.

“I still have a beautiful and weird ending to T&B in mind, hopefully someday we’ll get the chance to finish this story,” Hanawalt added.

“In the meantime, I’m not done creating. I’ve witnessed so many people connecting with this show on a profound level, and intend to keep telling stories like this, no matter what.”

Fans of the show who had already gone through one cancellation of the series expressed their dejection on Twitter.

“I actually screamed NOOOO when I read this news,” one fan wrote. “Tuca & Bertie was such a gift of American animation and I encourage everyone to go watch it AND follow up on the animated and comics work of many of the artists involved.”

“I dont think I've ever been more sad about a show getting cancelled. Tuca & Bertie was so special!” Another fan said.

“This show was severely underrated, i loved what it was going for and it felt genuine. Im.. gonna miss it,” wrote another.

Others expressed hope that the show may be miraculously resurrected once again.

“This show came back once and I have a very good feeling it’ll come back again,” Cosmopolitan journalist Tamara Fuentes tweeted. “It might not be now, but definitely in the future. It sucks to be losing Tuca & Bertie again, but at least we got it in the first place.”

All three series of Tuca & Bertie are available to watch on Channel 4.