Adam Driver Responds to Interview Question About His Appearance: 'I Look How I Look. I Can't Change That'

Chris Wallace asked Adam Driver whether he thinks his appearance has been a "help or a hindrance" in his acting career

<p>Sama Kai/Dave Benett/WireImage</p> Adam Driver on Dec. 4, 2023

Sama Kai/Dave Benett/WireImage

Adam Driver on Dec. 4, 2023

Adam Driver responded to a question claiming he has unconventional movie-star looks.

The Ferrari star, 40, spoke with journalist Chris Wallace on last week's Who's Talking to Chris Wallace? During the episode, Wallace asked Driver how he feels about comparisons media outlets have made between him and actors like Jack Nicholson and Al Pacino.

"Those are the actors that made me want to be an actor, you know, so that's a nice comparison," Driver said. When Wallace asked whether Driver "accepts" those comparisons, the actor shared negative words that have been written about him.

"Well, no," he said, adding that one outlet "also called me a 'horse face' so I don't— I take it with a grain of salt. I remember reading one reviewer [who wrote] 'his agent probably doesn't know whether to put him in a movie or the Kentucky Derby,' " Driver said.

"So I take it, you know, if you believe the good thing, then you have to believe the bad thing. So I try to not absorb anything."

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<p> Maria Moratti/Getty</p> Adam Driver on August 31, 2023

Maria Moratti/Getty

Adam Driver on August 31, 2023

"I've worked consistently which is nice, with people that I've wanted to always, dreamed that I wanted to work with," he added, after Wallace asked whether Driver thinks his looks have been a "help or a hindrance" on his career. "So in that sense, it hasn't — I look how I look, I can't change that. So I guess it helped me."

"A hindrance in only breaking mirrors wherever I go and and having a misshapen outsized body that I can't fit through doorways, or most clothes or fit into most cars," Driver joked. "Apart from that, it's good."

Fans reacted to Driver's exchange with Wallace online, as some criticized the line of questioning on X, formerly known as Twitter. "Do straight men never listen to straight women talk about their taste in men?" one user wrote.

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<p>TIZIANA FABI/AFP via Getty</p> Adam Driver on August 31, 2023


Adam Driver on August 31, 2023

Another X user posted that "Driver has been considered a heartthrob for the better part of a decade and clones of him now dominate romance novel covers, but Chris Wallace thinks he's ugly because he doesn't look like......Robert Redford," referencing a point in the conversation in which Wallace used Redford, 87, as an example of traditional Hollywood-actor looks.

"Maybe I'm trying to be diplomatic. And I guess if I was alone in a room, I'm like, who doesn't want to look like Robert Redford?" Driver said. "But I just kind of accept it. This is how I look."

Ferrari is in theaters Dec. 25.

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