Adam Pearson confirms Hull FC's Director of Rugby plans including predicted start time

Adam Pearson has confirmed that Hull FC will appoint a new Director of Rugby, as exclusively reported by Hull Live this Friday. The new DOR will be an additional member of staff, overseeing all matters of rugby performance.

That includes everything from signing new players to retaining current players, bringing in new backroom staff, and, of course, the search for a new head coach. The DOR appointment, which was also revealed on the House of League podcast, is expected to be announced as soon as possible, perhaps even as early as next week.

Speaking on Radio Humberside this Friday night, Pearson confirmed the search to find Tony Smith's replacement, who the club parted company with on Thursday, is ongoing, with the new Director of Rugby already working on a shortlist. That is part of a wider restructuring of the club, which is expected to see a review of all performance matters, including mid-season signings, with a half-back and back-rower the top priorities.

"That appointment process has started now," Pearson said. "We have a new Director of Rugby hopefully starting next week. I will rubber-stamp it, but it will be his job to find the next coach. He will take on the mantel. He's already assisting and working through the process now. He is working behind the scenes to identify the next coach and bring in players for us this year.

"We want someone who can get more out of this team than we are so far getting, create an identity of play, and who also understands Super League. It's the usual criteria. We've got a shortlist of three that we're working through. I think we'll have some positive news very quickly on the head coach.

"We're going through a professional process. As soon as the Director of Rugby can free himself up from his present contract, he will be able to emerge and will update everybody as to where we are in the process, but it's not going to be a long time.

"He will have control on all performance matters. He'll be looking to do an audit on all the departments behind the scenes, looking at medical, conditioning, player recruitment, and the control of the cap. They will all be his responsibility, and we'll work with him on that."

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The restructure of the club comes after the decision to remove Smith from his head coach position this week, with Pearson stating that it was a tough decision, but one he felt was needed with the mounting pressure felt in all corners.

"It's never easy when you part company with a coach, particularly one with the track record of Tony," Pearson added. "I just felt like things had come to a head and the pressure was becoming too great around the club. We needed to relieve that pressure and go in a new direction. It's not ideal, but I just felt like the time was right while we have this two-week game in the season to sort things out, restructure and go again."

The full interview with Adam Pearson can be found on BBC Sounds.

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