Adam Sandler's daughters still won't talk to him even when he casts them in his films

Adam Sandler's daughters 'still don't talk to him' on set credit:Bang Showbiz
Adam Sandler's daughters 'still don't talk to him' on set credit:Bang Showbiz

Adam Sandler has admitted his daughters still won't talk to him despite casting them in his movies.

The 57-year-old actor - whose daughter Sunny, 15, appears alongside him in new blockbuster 'Spaceman' - admitted even getting Sunny and his eldest daughter Sadie, 17, on film sets with him isn't enough to get their attention.

Speaking to reporters at the 'Spaceman' premiere in Los Angeles, he said: "They still don't talk to you. They go do their thing.

"They do the best they can, and then they go do their life. I am on the side going, 'Love you.' I say I love you a lot to them."

Adam - who married Sadie and Sunny's mother Jackie in 2003 - has found roles for his daughters over the past decade.

The family appeared together in 2023 Netflix hit 'You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah', while his daughters also voiced characters in animated film 'Leo' alongside their famous dad.

When it comes to his own big screen roles, he admitted his children take issue with him kissing co-stars on screen, even when their mother explains it's just part of his jon.

Appearing on 'The Jennifer Hudson Show' back in November, he said: "When I have to kiss anybody, they’re not thrilled about that. My wife is always telling them, ‘It’s OK. It’s part of the job. Let daddy kiss'."

However, Adam revealed Sadie isn't too bothered about it these days but Sunny would regularly report his onscreen kisses to Jackie.

He added: "[Sadie is] always fine with it ... [But] Sunny would always be going over to my wife, saying, ‘You have to watch them. That’s not good. And I don’t like that.' "

Adam previously opened up about the advice he gave to them both about navigating careers in the spotlight.

He told PEOPLE: "I tell them to make sure you feel good about what you do and how hard you worked, and you judge yourself. Don’t let too many people try to get in your head. If you feel like you gave it your all, that’s all you can ask.”