Adelaide Zoo's Momma Tiger Gets Purr-fect Result at Vet Check

Veterinarians at Adelaide Zoo are “chuffed” with the health of one of their five Sumatran tigers, Delilah, who has undergone a first health check since giving birth to three cubs over a year ago.

Chad Crittle, Assistant curator of carnivores, said the check-up went smoothly and Delilah received a tick of good health from vets.

“We avoided separating Delilah from her cubs while they were young, but now they’re older and more independent we had an opportunity to take Delilah for a quick trip to the Animal Health Centre,” Crittle said.

“With only 400 Sumatran Tigers left in the wild, each tiger is intrinsically valuable for the species’ survival. It’s great that Delilah will continue to be part of the regional breeding program and more cubs may one day be on the horizon at Adelaide Zoo,” he added. Credit: Adelaide Zoo via Storyful

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