Adele drives James Corden to work for emotional final Carpool Karaoke episode

Adele drives James Corden to work for emotional final Carpool Karaoke episode

Adele was the guest of honour during James Corden’s final ever Carpool Karaoke episode.

The British comedian’s time as the host of The Late Late Show comes to an end this week, with a star-studded week of guests ahead of his last show on Thursday (27 April).

On Monday (24 April), the last instalment of Carpool Karaoke – a special segment where Corden drives around with a musical guest singing their songs – was released starring Adele.

The singer, who previously took part in Carpool Karaoke in 2015, was shown sneaking into Corden’s house to surprise him for the final episode, waking him by playing some large cymbals by his head.

“Last week of work, I’m going to drive you to work. Let’s do the final carpool,” she told him. “I’m actually not a brilliant driver… I also can’t sing without closing my eyes.”

“Well this is brilliant,” Corden replied, before admitting he was “excited and scared in equal measure” to be leaving.

“It’s been a crazy eight years,” he said, while Adele said she was “very very sad” about his departure.

Corden spoke about some of his favourite moments on the series, listing Stevie Wonder and Adele among the most important guests.

They discussed another time when Adele had been due to appear on the show for an elaborate prank, only for it to go drastically wrong.

The pair also both cried while discussing their friendship and the ways they’ve helped each other with their mental health over the years.

Adele said that she and her son had relied on Corden during her divorce, while Corden said he turned to the singer when he was struggling with comments on the internet.

However, Adele told Corden she was unlikely to ever win an EGOT as she hates musical theatre. She currently has an Emmy, Grammy and Oscar.

Finishing the drive, the pair cried again about Corden leaving Los Angeles. Discussing his return to the UK, Adele tearily told the Gavin and Stacey star: “I’m just not ready to come back yet, otherwise I would come back with you.”

During the ride, the pair sang along to “Rolling in the Deep”, “Love is a Game”, “I Drink Wine”, “Hometown Glory”, and “Don’t Rain on My Parade” from the musical Funny Girl.