Adele’s Favorite Potato Chips Are Finally Available in the U.S.

But it's not thanks to Lay's.

<p>Dotdash Meredith / Janet Maples</p>

Dotdash Meredith / Janet Maples

Someone run to Las Vegas and get Adele, she needs to hear this: her favorite snack is finally hitting shelves in the U.S. We’re not talking about a bag of potato chips doused in Worcestershire sauce—you can do that on your own (and you actually should)—but rather the snack that she enjoys just plain.

On a 2021 Instagram Live, the same one where Adele shared her wacky potato chip combo, the singer said that her favorite “crisps,” aka what the Brits call chips, are Prawn Cocktail Walkers. Yes, the chips that taste like a shrimp cocktail, with savory, tangy, slightly spicy flavors reminiscent of cocktail sauce.

Walkers crisps are essentially the U.K. version of Lay’s potato chips because the sister companies are both owned by PepsiCo, which is why their logos are so similar—and, typically, their flavors are, too. However, Lay’s U.S. has never offered the Prawn Cocktail flavor stateside. It's the classic tale of U.S.-based companies offering different, and maybe even better, products in other countries. Can you tell we're still salty about Heinz Beanz?

Despite having many America-based fans, Lay’s is not the brand that’s bringing the cocktail sauce-flavored chips to the U.S. Instead, a small company called Nantucket Crisps will be the first to offer a “prawn cocktail”-inspired potato chip.

Prawn Cocktail Chips Are Finally in the U.S.

<p>Nantucket Crisps/Allrecipes</p>

Nantucket Crisps/Allrecipes

Nantucket Crisps, a brand inspired by the many islands of Nantucket, Massachusetts, is proudly welcoming South Wharf Cocktail Sauce potato chips to its lineup. The flavor idea partially came from the beloved U.K. chip but also from Nantucket’s love for the seafood appetizer.

No, the cocktail sauce chip doesn’t actually taste like shrimp, but rather the ketchup and horseradish sauce that most people dip them in.

We tried the South Wharf Cocktail Sauce potato chips and can confirm they taste like a spicy, tangy ketchup chip. Meaning, if you like Lay’s Canadian Ketchup chips or even its zesty All-Dressed variety, you’ll probably enjoy Nantucket Crisps’ new offering, too.

It's safe to say they’ll satisfy Adele’s Prawn Cocktail Walkers craving—even though Nantucket Crisps are a bit more kettle-cooked than a traditional fried crisp. Either way, you get the unique flavor without having to book a ticket to England or pay extra at an international food store.

The only downside to Nantucket Crisps’ cocktail sauce-flavored chips is that they’re pretty tricky to find. Not as difficult as Walkers, of course, but Nantucket Crisps are only sold in about 600 stores across the country—and, typically, they’re smaller, more specialized market-like shops. They’re also available in some coffee shops and delis—as well as through wholesale retailers on Nantucket Crisps’ site.

Maybe one day we’ll see them in the TJ Maxx snack aisle or (even better) at all grocery stores, but for now, we’re just happy that cocktail sauce chips finally exist in the same country as us.

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