Adele prefers watching the Super Bowl on TV

Adele won't be attending the Super Bowl - even though it's within walking distance of her Las Vegas residency.

The 35-year-old singer won't be among the crowd at Allegiant Stadium on February 11, after being underwhelmed by her Super Bowl experience in 2023.

Speaking during a show at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Adele explained: "Last year I went, obviously I didn't go for the football at all. I went to watch Rihanna.

"I realised when I was there, It's not really put on for the people in the stadium. It's better on the TV because obviously I couldn't see her.

"Maybe I had bad tickets, I don't know."

Usher is performing this year's Halftime Show, and although she won't attend the game, Adele still intends to watch the Super Bowl on TV.

She said: "I'm not going to go this year even though it's right next door. And I love Usher, so I'm going to watch it on TV."

Adele is relatively new to the sport, having been born and raised in the UK.

But her partner Rich Paul, who is a high-profile sports agent, has done his best to educate her about the NFL.

The award-winning star - who recently announced a series of shows in Munich, Germany - said: "No one ever sat me down and explained to me how soccer works. I've just been watching it my whole life. So I just understand it.

"Whereas before, to be honest with you, before I got with my man, I've never even watched a football game.

"I swear the poor guy has explained NFL football to me about a million times and then I'm like, 'no, I don't get it. One more time. I just don't understand it.'"