Adele Roberts says Deborah James was in her heart as she set London Marathon record

Adele Roberts has said the medal she won as she set a Guinness World Record at the London Marathon is for Dame Deborah James’ parents as well as for her.

Video transcript

- I was asking if she was a serious runner this morning when I bumped into [INAUDIBLE] because I was impressed by that tie.

- Absolute incredible, it really was. I mean, I know that you were hoping to set the record, but wow.

ADELE ROBERTS: Well, I just want to say Thank you to you, and Thank you to your daughter. I think she's helped save my life. The awareness that you've done with this campaign is fundamental, and you've shown it can happen to anyone at any time.

I had Deborah in my heart all the way around.

- Oh, thank you.

ADELE ROBERTS: And this is just as much for you as it is for me.


ADELE ROBERTS: So there you go. Please hold that.

- Oh!

ADELE ROBERTS: No, honestly, because--

- You've done her proud.

- She would have been very impressed by your time.

- She would have been very impressed by your--

ADELE ROBERTS: Oh, do you reckon?