Adele says staying in sunny LA staves off seasonal depression

<span>Photograph: Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images</span>
Photograph: Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Adele has said she is likely to stick around in Los Angeles because the sunny weather helps her stave off seasonal depression.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, she said the California city’s sunny weather was “good for me”. Los Angeles has an average of about 263 sunny days in the year.

The British pop singer was born and raised in Tottenham, north London, and has lived in LA since 2016. Last year, she reportedly bought a mansion worth about $58m (£47m).

“I get really bad seasonal depression, so the weather is good for me here. It is strange sometimes, because I’m very British.”

Seasonal depression, or seasonal affective disorder (Sad), is a type of depression that comes and goes in a seasonal pattern, more often in the winter. Symptoms can include a persistent low mood, extreme tiredness and withdrawing from social activity.

Discussing how she feels when she sings her debut single Hometown Glory, a tribute to London, she said: “It makes me very emotional. I really miss London, but I miss the London from before all of this happened in my life.

“I remember it like it was yesterday, when I wrote that song … And I don’t think everyone knows, but I wrote it the day after I went to my first ever protest.

“In London, the UK, we were annoyed at Tony Blair because he was going to war with Iraq.” The march made her feel “so powerful”, she said.

Adele said she enjoyed living in LA because “everyone goes to each other’s houses”, and she gets “left alone”.

“For anyone that has never been to LA, you assume it would be the opposite. But there are so many famous people here that they don’t waste their time.

“I wouldn’t say it can be frenzied sometimes elsewhere, but it’s just, I’ve got 20 minutes wherever. ‘Is that Adele?’ By the time they realise it is, I’ve got to leave. And I just don’t get that here.”

Earlier this year, Adele “confirmed” her marriage to the US sports agent Rich Paul, reportedly sharing the news with the crowd at an Alan Carr comedy show.

Adele told the Hollywood Reporter that Rich listened to her music, which she joked drove her “insane”.

“It’s funny because in my car with my driver, he knows if my song comes on, he has to turn the radio, just turn it off. I don’t like it at all.”