Adil Ray outraged at 'horrendous' cost of gas bill

The Good Morning Britain host asked ‘how are people coping?’

Adil Ray has criticised the cost of UK gas bills. (Getty)
Adil Ray has criticised the cost of UK gas bills. (Getty)

Adil Ray has hit out at the cost of energy bills in the UK which he has labelled "horrendous".

The Citizen Khan creator and Good Morning Britain host revealed what he paying monthly for gas since the large increase in prices last year partly due to Russia's war in Ukraine.

Ray wrote on Twitter: "Gas bill for January. £245! I live alone. Yes I can afford to pay but how are many coping? This is horrendous. Do we need to do more to help?"

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Ray also shared the experiences of others in the UK struggling to pay inflated gas bills.

Adil Ray is the host of Lingo. (ITV)
Adil Ray is the host of Lingo. (ITV)

One person wrote: "Gas bill for 6 week period I had was £745. Live with family and two cold snaps haven’t helped but something needs to be done ASAP."

Another user also detailed the staggering rise of their bill: "I used to pay £165 now £505."

Last year the government announced a scheme to give every household £400 to help with their energy bills over the cold winter months and also capped the amount suppliers could charge consumers per unit.

LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 28: Adil Ray presents the 'Digital Award' during the Jazz FM Awards at Under The Bridge on October 28, 2021 in London, England. (Photo by Joe Maher/Getty Images)
Adil Ray questioned if people need more help to pay their bills. (Getty Images)

Recently, Ray criticised the decision made for Prince Harry and Prince William to walk behind the coffin of their mother Princess Diana when she died in 1997.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Ray said: "Every time I see that scene of the sons walking behind the coffin I think 'Why was that allowed?' It’s a terrible thing for them to have to do, really."

The actor and broadcaster added: "For those of us who have lost loved ones in our lives, imagine having to do that. It’s just absolutely heartbreaking."

Ray is currently hosting gameshow Lingo for ITV which airs every weekday at 3pm.

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