Adobe brings Firefly AI-powered Generative Remove to Lightroom

Adobe announced on Tuesday the addition of a Generative Remove feature for Lightroom. Built atop Firefly, the GenAI feature makes it possible to seamlessly edit objects out of photos. The feature arrives on Tuesday as early access.

Adobe says the feature is up to the task, regardless of how complex of a background the object is set against. “Generative Remove is helpful for editing even the most complicated backgrounds and surroundings,” the company says, “including removing stains from a patterned shirt, wrinkles of a tablecloth in food photography, unwanted reflections in water and more.”

The Photoshop developer announced its foray into generative AI back in March of 2023.

“Firefly is the next step on our AI journey — bringing together our new ‘gentech’ models with decades of investment in imaging, typography, illustration and more to produce assets,” the company told TechCrunch at the time. “We’ll bring this value to our customers’ workflows where content is created across Creative Cloud, Experience Cloud and Document Cloud.”

At launch, the offering delivered text-to-image generation and the ability to adapt pictures to different styles. In the intervening 14 months, Adobe has brought Firefly to its video suite, used it to design vector graphics in Illustrator and added a Generative Fill feature.

The company says it’s working closely with its photography community to improve and expand the new Remove tool.

Adobe also announced on Tuesday the generative availability of Lens Blur, which can be used to create bokeh-style effects in images to add a sense of depth.