Adorable Baby Elephant Practices Charging Skills in African Park

A wildlife enthusiast visiting Kruger National Park in South Africa recorded the adorable moment a few days before Christmas when a passing baby elephant started practicing its charging skills.

The video was recorded by Zander Rautenbach and shows the calf walking along the road before it suddenly pauses, bends its head and charges.

Rautenbach told Storyful that he and his wife always manage to find themselves in what they like to call an “elephant roadblock” when visiting the national park.

“We were stationary, waiting for a herd of elephant [to pass] when this young elephant decided to practice his charging skills,” he said, adding that the couple were impressed by the calf’s tenacity.

He said that he always has his camera ready because “you never know what unforgettable moments nature is dishing up next.” Credit: Zander Rautenbach via Storyful

Video transcript