Adorable Newfie Ignores Other Dogs at Park to Get Pets From Humans

A friendly Newfoundland in Illinois had no interest in bonding with her canine peers while visiting the dog park, and opted to befriend their owners instead.

Footage by Stephanie Sanders shows five-year-old Emmy, a black Newfoundland dog, happily hanging out with humans at a Chicago dog park.

“When we took her to the dog park, we noticed that ALL she wanted to do was get pets from the humans,” Sanders told Storyful. “She pretty much ignored all the other dogs and would go up to every human for attention.”

“It’s like she could tell which people needed some love and would make her rounds,” she said.

Sanders posted the video to her @emmy_the_newf Instagram acount, where Emmy’s antics proved popular, racking up over two million likes. Credit: Stephanie Sanders via Storyful

Video transcript