Adrian Chiles: I don’t get as many dinner invites now I have stopped eating meat

Adrian Chiles has said his social life is suffering since he stopped eating meat.

The TV and radio presenter, 51, said his friends do not invite him out for meals as much now that he is “almost vegan”.

He told Radio Times magazine: “I’ve lost my love of going out to dinner a bit as I’m almost vegan and none of my friends are.

“I don’t get invited out as much since I stopped eating meat — or maybe they just don’t like me…

“What I really love is cooking for friends. I spend hours making something overly complicated and get incredibly stressed and then don’t feel like eating.

“I sit exhausted at the end of the table, enjoying watching other people eat.

“Often I cook with my mum but that’s a horrendous combination — we fight like nothing on earth. More like combat.”

Chiles is taking part in BBC comedy entertainment show I’ll Get This, which sees five people having a meal together that one of them will have to pay for depending on the outcome of a series of games.

He said: “The show started off being a bit of fun, and then the fear of being landed with the bill took over and the alcohol started playing with our systems. At that point all hell might have broken loose if we’d not been careful.”

This week’s Radio Times is out on Tuesday.