Adrian Chiles shares his horror over learning ‘naked lookalike’ is making £1k a day on OnlyFans

Adrian Chiles  (Getty Images)
Adrian Chiles (Getty Images)

Adrian Chiles shared his “horror” after learning that he has a “naked lookalike” on OnlyFans.

The influencer, a social worker named Mike from Leeds, claimed he was earning up to £1,000 per day impersonating Chiles on the paid content website, which is often used by sex workers, in a recent Sunday Sport article.

In the piece, he alleged that he has been paid to strip while reading the weekend’s football scores, and was offered £500 to read Chiles’s Guardian column while being intimate with himself.

Writing in said column, Chiles, 55, said that he’d been sent the cover online, describing how “the pictures featured an all-but-naked man with his bits obscured”.

Chiles wrote: “He looked a little like me. Gingerly, I expanded the image so I could read the text. As soon as I’d got the gist of the story, recoiling in horror, I pinched the page smaller again so I could read no more. I’d seen as much as I could stand for a moment.

“The bare bones of it are as follows: a bloke in Leeds who looks a bit like me is earning money on the internet as my naked lookalike. I wouldn’t blame you if at this point you, as I did, stopped reading. Trust me, it gets worse.”

Chiles wrote about the discovery in his column (Getty Images)
Chiles wrote about the discovery in his column (Getty Images)

The former The One Show host added that he was horrified to learn that he has fetishists called “Chillies”, who started off making “vanilla” requests to Mike before moving on to the “hard stuff”.

The presenter wrote: “He’s getting paid more for doing what he said he was doing while reading out my column than I got for writing it. What’s the world coming to? Who are these Chillies anyway?”

Chiles is known for his work as a TV presenter on shows such as Daybreak, Match of the Day 2, The Apprentice: You’re Fired! and football coverage on ITV Sport, as well as numerous radio gigs including Radio 5 Live.

In 2018, he released a BBC documentary titled Drinkers Like Me, in which he explored how his alcohol consumption affected his health.

Shockingly, Chiles discovered through the doc that he was drinking up to 100 units a week while a doctor told him he had signs of liver damage.

Just last year, the TV star revealed he had significantly reduced his alcohol consumption down from 100 units to between 20 and 30 units a week – still more than the recommended 14.