Agitated man refused entry to his mum's house smears blood all over police van after arrest

Joseph Bater was placed in the back of a police van after kicking the windows of a police car he had been put in
Joseph Bater was placed in the back of a police van after kicking the windows of a police car he had been put in (file image) -Credit:Getty

A drunk who became agitated after his mum refused to let him into her home ended up being arrested, punching a police van and smearing his blood around the vehicle. Joseph Bater, who already had 125 crimes on his record, took a taxi to him mum's house in Trafford Road, Rowlatts Hill, Leicester, on the evening of Friday, April 12.

She refused to let him in and when he complained loudly she called Leicestershire Police and they put him in the back of a police car. But he lay down across the back seat of the car and started kicking at the car's window so the officers called a van to pick him up.

He was put in the cage at the rear of the vehicle. Prosecutor Richard Holt told Leicester Magistrates' Court on Monday: "When he was transferred to the van he started to punch and headbutt the cage, causing his hand to bleed.

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"He smeared the blood from his hand around the van." Mr Holt said Bater's recent convictions included a two-year community order that he had been given just three weeks earlier.

That was for a string of offences including shoplifting, causing criminal damage and assaulting an emergency worker.

Shanaz Patel, representing Bater, told the magistrates the dispute with his mother and his various problems went back many years to when Bater, now 36, was a boy. Ms Patel said that when Bater's mother and step-father split up, Bater's brother stayed with their mother but Bater was sent to live with his step-father.

Ms Patel said the step-father was "the less responsible parent" and had alcohol problems. Ms Patel said: "That was a poor choice by the parents. There's a marked difference between the boys.

"Mr Bater has struggled with alcohol his whole adult life."

She said that last year Bater, of Fosse Close, Braunstone Town, had been severely injured after men burst into his previous home and attacked him, stamping on his legs. She added that Bater had PTSD as a result, as well as ADHD and severe anxiety.

She added: "It's been a horrendous few months for him." The magistrates made a compensation order, with Bater being ordered to pay £100 to Leicestershire Police for the cost of cleaning the van.