Ahead Of The Traitors Season 3, Zac Efron Has A 'Feeling' About His Brother Dylan Joining The Show

 Zac Efron shirtless on boat in Down to Earth with Zac Efron: Down Under.
Credit: Netflix

Make sure you have a Peacock subscription because you won't want to miss The Traitors Season 3. The cast list for the competition reality show set in the Scottish Highlands was recently released, and on that list was the sibling of another famous face, Zac Efron's brother Dylan. So, of course someone talked to Zac about this development.

Following the announcement that Dylan would be taking part in the show, Zac spoke to ET at the premiere for A Family Affair, his new Netflix film starring Nicole Kidman and Joey King. While there, people did not just want to know about the movie. In fact, Zac was asked about The Traitors and how he thinks Dylan will fare on the show.

I think he's going to win. He's really good at games, and I just have a good feeling about it.

If you’re not up to speed on The Traitors, here’s an overview. The show takes a group of 20 or more celebrities and puts them inside a Scottish castle. There, host Alan Cumming anonymously chooses several houseguests to be traitors, and the rest become known as faithfuls. It is the duty of the traitors to eliminate the faithfuls one by one without being caught. If they do so, they will win the prize, in this case $250,000.

While the traitors are responsible for taking out the faithfuls, the faithfuls must also sniff out the traitors and have the opportunity to banish one at each roundtable meeting. All the contestants compete in challenges to earn the full prize pot. There’s lying, backstabbing, drama, and overall great fun, but you need to be competitive to really engage in this game.

When asked about the brothers’ competitive side, Zac added that Dylan has always had a knack for games.

Yeah, but he’s just the best at games. Growing up, he was a first-roll Yahtzee kind of dude. If I was him, I would just move to Vegas and play games. He’s that good, so I have high hopes for him.

So, who is Dylan? Well, according to his Instagram, which has an impressive 867,000 followers, he enjoys being outside and traveling the world. Dylan has followed in Zac’s footsteps and has some experience in the entertainment biz, although he's mostly been behind the camera as an assistant or producer and has worked with his famous brother on Down To Earth.

Joining Dylan in the castle is a cast of exciting characters from across the media landscape. He will be competing alongside Sam Asghari, aka Britney Spears’ ex-husband, Dorinda Medley from The Real Housewives of New York City, Bob the Drag Queen from RuPaul’s Drag Race, and Britney Haynes from CBS’ Big Brother, just to name a few.

To be completely honest, I did not know that Dylan had a brother prior to him being cast on the show, but I’m interested to see if he’s anything like his High School Musical star brother and how he will shake up the castle.