'A***holes!' Driver slaps note on ambulance for making him late for work as paramedics battled to save a life

David Harding
The abusive note left on the Ambulance windscreen (NWAS)

A furious driver left an angry message on an ambulance windscreen, calling paramedics ‘a***holes’ for blocking him in as they fought to save a life.

The incident happened in Manchester, as the paramedics helped the patient after responding to a 999 emergency call.

And for good measure, the irate driver also called the paramedics a ‘d***head’.

The abrupt message read: ‘Thanks for blocking me in a***hole. Just took me 20 mins to try and shunt out of drive along pavement.’

It added: ‘So inconsiderate… whole road empty and block driveway. Your an a***hole and I’m going to be late for work thanks to you dickhead.’

The North West Ambulance Service have criticised the abusive driver (PA)

North West Ambulance Service posted the note on social media.

And in response, it wrote: ‘We hate to get in the way but the needs of our patients are our number one priority and abuse like this is absolutely uncalled for.’

‘A campaign has been launched by the ambulance service calling for people to #GetBehind999 and pledge their support to help stop abuse against emergency services.

‘Pledges can be made on the NWAS website.’

It is far from the first time ambulance drivers have been abused while working.

In February, a woman in Stoke was charged with a public order offence after leaving an abusive note on an ambulance windscreen.

The woman wrote: ‘You have no right to be parked here. I couldn’t give a s*** if the whole street collapsed. Now move your van.’

A month earlier, a driver in south London deliberately slowed down then hurled abuse at paramedics as they rushed to an elderly victim in Sutton, prompting a police hunt.

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