Airbnb money-saving hack labelled 'so good it should be illegal'

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-Credit: (Image: AFP via Getty Images)

A smart woman has shared a simple travel hack that has supposedly saved her "thousands of pounds" during her globetrotting adventures.

The trick has now gone viral thanks to social media platform TikTok.

The woman, Anna, better known as @annathingbutanimals online, decided to share this cost-cutting manoeuvre after claiming she's "done gatekeeping". In a video post, she called it her "biggest travel hack", noting it has helped her save "thousands of dollars".

Anna found it striking how few people were aware of this practical money-saving tip, particularly useful when staying in rented Airbnbs while abroad. This travel hack involves keeping contacts of all Airbnb hosts you have stayed with.

Regardless of how long it has been since your stay, Anna emphasises the need to never delete any of the host's contact numbers and insists they will come handy someday.

In the video she shared: "Some of these people, I kid you not, will have like 30 properties, and they would so much rather rent it to somebody they know. Every time I'm going somewhere I go through my Rolodex, I look okay, 'Who do I know there?"

She went on saying; "And I'm like 'Hey, it's Anna. I stayed in your Airbnb on blah, blah, blah - absolutely loved it. Coming to whatever this time, was wondering if you had anything during this time?"

Finishing off, she added: "And then whatever the list prices, whatever the price they give you, you say 'Hey, can I give you 70% of that if I pay you in cash?

"If it's off-season, or last minute, you can even go lower. It has never not worked for me. I think I've saved $500 (£393.35) just this month."

Anna believes her money-saving hack "should be illegal" because it's too good to be true. Since revealing the trick to her followers, people have praised its simplicity and effectiveness.

The video has garnered over 800 comments, with even Airbnb hosts agreeing that she's "absolutely correct". Anna might have discovered a real game-changer.

One viewer responded: "I heard a girl did this, and they actually let her stay for free." While another reflected: "I totally thought this would be a packing hack, but good to know." A further person also commented: "This is so smart - thanks."

While one Airbnb owner provided some insider insight, saying: "As an Airbnb owner I would do 70% but not 50%. Maybe 50% if you stayed longer than a week or weekdays. Good tip!"

Some raised concerns about insurance and being left stranded, but many Airbnb owners admitted they endorse the strategy. While reactions were mixed, it seems the method has proven successful based on the comments.

There were also suggestions that this approach ensures all funds go direct to the property owner, avoiding any middleman charges.