Airline Passenger Who Lost Wallet on Plane Tracks It to 35 Cities Thanks to His Apple AirTag

Airline Passenger Who Lost Wallet on Plane Tracks It to 35 Cities Thanks to His Apple AirTag

A passenger who left his wallet on a plane is hopefully getting it back thanks to his Apple AirTag.

John Lewis has been chronicling the journey of his wallet on Twitter as he tries to retrieve the lost item from an American Airlines plane using his AirTag, a small metal disc users put on frequently misplaced items like keys or luggage that can be tracked in the Find My app on a smartphone.

"I'm able to trace my wallet and it's still on the plane and it has gone to over 35 cities since Tuesday," Lewis says in a video posted on social media alongside a screen grab of the location of his wallet (labeled in his phone as"Bad A--'s Wallet") at Portland International Airport.

He says he contacted American Airlines, but initially received no help. "They said they thoroughly cleaned the plane, but how can you thoroughly clean the plane if the wallet is still on the plane and you haven't gotten it yet?" he asks in the video.

wallet on seat
wallet on seat

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He continues, "So, American Airlines, for real, like I know it's not your fault that I left the wallet, but at the same time I'm a Platinum member with you, come on now. [With] as many miles as I've put into you all, you gotta help a brother out. Just saying. American Airlines, step up."

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American Airlines
American Airlines

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He also reached out to the company via Twitter. "@AmericanAir come on now help your boy out... I only fly with you and you act like you don't know me," the Missouri native wrote in a tweet tagging the airline on Saturday. "Like I said, I know it's not your fault that I left the wallet ( even though that flight was delayed over an hour so I was in a rush to sprint through the airport)."

American Airlines did not immediately reply to PEOPLE's request for comment, but they did reply to Lewis's tweet.

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That same day, American Airlines wrote, asking Lewis to send the information through Twitter direct message. "Oh no, we're sorry you left your wallet behind," the airline wrote. "Join us in DMs with your record locator, description and Lost and Found claim number."

Lewis wrote back that he sent the information and will hopefully be reuniting with his wallet very soon.

The airline didn't immediately address one question Lewis posed in his video however: "Do I get to keep all the miles that my wallet is accumulating over these last days?" he asked, joking his wallet had to have racked up enough miles for "a trip to Belize or something."

Update: On Thursday, Lewis confirmed to PEOPLE that unfortunately, "only the apple AirTag was found wedged between the cushions of the seat in Phoenix and not the wallet."