Al Pacino’s Dating History: From Diane Keaton to Noor Alfallah

Al Pacino has been linked to Noor Alfallah since 2022 and they recently welcomed their first child together

<p>Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection/Getty ; Noor Alfallah Instagram</p>

Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection/Getty ; Noor Alfallah Instagram

Over the course of his long and storied career, Al Pacino has had several high-profile relationships.

The 83-year-old actor has been dating Noor Alfallah, 29, since April 2022. The couple welcomed their first child together, Roman Pacino, in June 2023.

Though he has never gotten married, the Oscar winner has dated some of Hollywood's biggest stars, including Diane Keaton, Beverly D’Angelo, Tuesday Weld and Jill Clayburgh, among others. Prior to dating Alfallah, The Godfather star was linked to actress Meital Dohan. The couple split in February 2020 due to their "difficult" 36-year age gap.

"Of course, it's possible [I'll get married]. It seems beside the point though," the actor told the Boston Herald in 2015. "I have no idea, but I never say never."

While Pacino has never said "I do" to any of his partners, he has welcomed children with some of them. Pacino is the proud dad of three adult children: daughter Julia, whom he welcomed with acting coach Jan Tarrant, and twins Anton and Olivia, whom he shares with D'Angelo.

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Despite his slew of high-profile relationships, Pacino has kept relatively quiet about his personal life throughout the years; he rarely discusses his relationships publicly and has always considered himself to be "shy," as he once told Larry King.

Here's a look back at Al Pacino's dating history.

Jill Clayburgh

<p>PictureLux/ The Hollywood Archive / Alamy </p>

PictureLux/ The Hollywood Archive / Alamy

Pacino dated the Oscar nominee for several years, but their relationship ended in 1972 when Pacino broke up with her.

​​"I went through it all," Clayburgh told The Washington Post of their split in 1978. "Self-loathing, loathing him, pain, anger, fear.” At the time, the An Unmarried Woman actress said their split was in part because of Pacino’s growing fame post-The Godfather.

Despite their break up, Clayburgh told the outlet that she and Pacino were "still friends; we see each other now and then."

Clayburgh went on to marry David Rabe. She died in 2010 at 66 years old.

Tuesday Weld

Pacino briefly dated actor Tuesday Weld after his split from Clayburgh. The pair also starred in the 1982 movie Author! Author! together.

Marthe Keller

<p>Photo 12 / Alamy</p>

Photo 12 / Alamy

Pacino had a hot-and-cold relationship with his Bobby Deerfield costar Marthe Keller, although the pair initially fought and snapped at each other while filming.

“We didn’t know if they would end up loving or hating each other,” director Sydney Pollack told PEOPLE in 1977.

“What I feel about Al belongs to me,” Keller shared at the time. “Talking about us seems like playing a striptease with my soul.”

The pair dated for two years.

Diane Keaton

<p>Robin Platzer/Getty</p>

Robin Platzer/Getty

Pacino and Keaton met on the set of The Godfather in 1971, where Pacino scored his career-making role as Michael Corleone. Keaton instantly crushed on her costar.

I was mad for him. Charming, hilarious, a nonstop talker,” she told PEOPLE in 2017. “There was an aspect of him that was like a lost orphan, like this kind of crazy idiot savant. And oh, gorgeous!”

Keaton pushed for marriage throughout their on-again, off-again relationship, most of which occurred throughout the late ‘80s. However, Pacino wouldn’t commit, so she called it off in 1990 after giving him an ultimatum.

The exes are still friends; when Keaton received the American Film Institute’s 45th Lifetime Achievement Award, Pacino said of the actress on stage, “You’re a great artist. I love you forever.”

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Jan Tarrant

Tarrant, an acting teacher who has worked with stars like Angelina Jolie, is the mother of Pacino’s daughter Julie. The pair dated in the late ‘80s and welcomed Julie Marie Pacino in 1989. While not much is known about her and Pacino's relationship, her daughter has a very close relationship with the Scarface actor and has followed in his footsteps, pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.

Lyndall Hobbs

<p>Robin Platzer/Getty </p>

Robin Platzer/Getty

Pacino dated Australian hostess, director and producer Lyndall Hobbs for several years in the ‘90s, shortly after Pacino split from Keaton.

“My stomach lurched with a rush of romance-induced adrenaline and I felt positively giddy,” Hobbs wrote of their early days in her memoir, The Girl From Oz , per the Evening Standard.

The couple often threw lavish parties and hung out with celebrities like Mick Jagger and even King Charles over the course of their relationship, but they split because Hobbs wanted to have kids. She eventually went on to adopt a son.

“Al was quite tricky, obviously, and there’s a reason he’s never married. I was strong and quite difficult in my own way too,” Hobbs told the Evening Standard.

Penelope Ann Miller

<p>Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty</p>

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

Pacino reportedly had an affair with his Carlito’s Way costar Penelope Ann Miller while linked to Hobbs.

“It’s not a secret and I’m not ashamed of it,” Miller told PEOPLE in 1993. “Al is a very passionate person, and he brought out a certain womanliness, a sexuality, a passion in me. I think I always knew I had it in me, but he brought out a real fire.”

The pair tried to keep things low-key on set, though. “We really wanted to keep the relationship discreet for the sake of the movie,” Miller said.

Beverly D’Angelo

<p>Steve Eichner/Getty</p>

Steve Eichner/Getty

Pacino and the National Lampoon's Vacation actress met in 1996 on a flight to New York City. At the time, D'Angelo was still married to her then-husband, Italian duke Lorenzo Salviati.

"He was seated in front of me, he said 'come up and sit beside me,' and by the time the plane landed, it was on," D'Angelo later shared of their first meeting on Instagram in May 2023.

Salviati and D'Angelo had an amicable divorce so she could be with Pacino, with the actress later recalling the Italian duke telling her, "Al Pacino, he's fantastic. I love him. We divorce!"

After dating for a few years, Pacino and D'Angelo welcomed twins, Anton and Olivia, on Jan. 25, 2001.

"In 1997, he looked me in the eye and said 'I want you to be the mother of my children,' and although I'd avoided that role my whole life, I was deeply in love and I was 100 percent in," D'Angelo said in March 2023.

However, by 2004, the couple had split. While the exes battled for custody of their children after their breakup, later reaching an agreement per Today, D'Angelo has nothing but praise for Pacino and considers him a good friend.

Acknowledging that their relationship "got complicated" in her March 2023 Instagram post, she went on to say, "the power of our love for our children was the basis for resolving our conflicts and creating a new history as co-parents."

Lucila Solá (Lucila Polak)

<p>David M. Benett/Getty </p>

David M. Benett/Getty

Pacino dated Argentine actor Lucila Solá, also known as Lucila Polak, from 2008 to 2018. Solá is the mother of model and actress Camila Morrone, who famously dated Leonardo DiCaprio. Morrone considers Pacino her stepfather and has turned to the legendary actor for acting advice.

Upon landing her first role in a feature film, Morrone shared during an appearance on The Late Late Show that Pacino was her first call.

"Of course, the first person I called was my stepdad, who has been an actor for a very long time and is a very established actor," she said. "And I was like 'Look Al, I never asked you for anything, I don't even know what to do. I have a script, where do I start? How do I act?' And he said 'Come over, we'll have tea, we'll run the script.' "

Meital Dohan



Pacino was first linked to Israeli actress Meital Dohan in 2018. The pair had been spotted out and about together several times, including shopping for furniture in West Hollywood.

The two dated went on to date for a few years, with Dohan attending the premiere of The Irishman alongside Pacino, but they eventually split in February 2020 in part because of their 36-year age gap.

“It’s hard to be with a man so old, even Al Pacino,” Dohan shared in 2020, shortly after their breakup. “The age gap is difficult, yes. I tried to deny it, but now he is already an elderly man, to be honest. So even with all my love, it didn’t last.”

According to Dohan, the two had a fight that led to their split, but she still wanted to remain friends.

“I had a fight with him and left him recently, but of course I really love and appreciate him, and I was glad to be there for him when he needed me, and to be a part of his legacy,” she said. “It’s an honor for me. I’m glad this relationship happened between us, and hope we remain good friends.”

Noor Alfallah

<p>Jason Momoa Instagram</p>

Jason Momoa Instagram

Pacino and producer Noor Alfallah have been linked since April 2022. Just over a year later, the actor's rep confirmed that the couple were expecting their first baby together. Pacino and Alfallah welcomed a son, Roman Pacino, in June 2023.

The couple were first spotted together at a restaurant in Los Angeles. Per photos obtained by Page Six, they left in the same car after attending a dinner with a group of friends, including Jason Momoa.

The Aquaman star later shared a carousel of photos from the night, including a group shot at dinner, which featured Pacino and Alfallah seated next to each other.

In September 2022, the pair were photographed out to eat at the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles by the Daily Mail.

Alfallah shared a photo of her and Pacino visiting an art gallery in N.Y.C. in April 2023.

She has previously dated Mick Jagger and was also briefly linked to Clint Eastwood, though she shot down dating rumors and said Eastwood was a family friend.

Pacino and Alfallah have a 53-year age gap. But a source told PEOPLE that it "isn't a major issue" for the couple.

"Al is happy with Noor, and it is widely known that she has dated older guys," the insider said.

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