Alain Delon's son Alain-Fabien speaks out amid ongoing family dispute

Alain Delon's son Alain-Fabien Delon has spoken out about the dispute between his brother Anthony and sister Anouchka over their father's health.

In an explosive interview with Paris Match last week, Anthony, 59, opened up about the 88-year-old French star's "weakened" state and revealed he had filed a report against his younger half-sister, accusing her of concealing their father's condition for "her own interests".

The Swimming Pool star, who suffered a stroke in 2019, and Anouchka responded to the interview by announcing the intention to file a complaint.

Their sibling Alain-Fabien, 29, weighed in on the dispute on Sunday by posting an audio recording supposedly of his sister Anouchka, recorded without her knowledge, during her visit to the actor's Douchy estate after the publication of the Paris Match interview.

In the recording, a woman can be heard saying, "I'm tired, Dad, because of everything that's happening. They're burying me, and they're making you look like a fool. You need to be careful, especially you. You're a fool, and I'm an idiot. The trap is closing in on you."

The responses she receives are not audible.

In the Instagram caption, Alain-Fabien explained that he left his phone wrapped in a towel in the room while he went for a cigarette.

He claimed the Purple Noon star was "weakened" and sometimes incoherent and wrote, "We all know this, except for (Alain and Anouchka's lawyer Christophe) Ayela, who still insists that he 'had a long conversation with Mr. Delon on the phone.' Cut the bulls**t."

Anouchka, 33, has yet to respond to Alain-Fabien's post.