Alan Carr Reveals That Time He Was Outed By A Ghost

Alan Carr and a Ghost
Alan Carr and a Ghost

Every coming out story is unique, but Alan Carr’s near-outing may be the strangest one we’ve ever heard. Also, it’s pretty hilarious.

While appearing on the Where There’s A Will, There’s A Wake podcast, the British comic and judge of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK shared a shocking and hilarious story about the time his sexuality was almost revealed to his mother by... wait for it... a ghost.

As is tradition on the podcast, host Kathy Burke was discussing death and the afterlife when the conversation turned to the time Carr was using a ouija board with his mother and the ghost had something very revealing to share. “You know I used to do the ouija board with my mum,” began Carr. “I got outed by a ouija board!”

Carr says the board took on a mind of its own and “went to spell homosexual in front of my mum,” and he panicked. “I went ‘goodbye’ and I pulled the glass.”

He further explained, “it was going ‘H, O, M, O’ and my mum went ‘homo?’… Yeah. F**king ghost tried to out me!”

Needless to say, Burke was shocked by the story, saying “Wow!” The conversation then turned to Carr’s plans for his will. The comedian first suggests he will leave it all to his niece and nephew before changing his mind and saying he’ll leave it all to his dog Joyce.

Outed by a ghost and leaving his money to his dog, Carr is nothing if not unconventional — and we love it.