Alaska Airlines Counter Clerk Entertains Passengers With Trivia at Newark Airport

An Alaska Airlines counter clerk used a fun trivia game to entertain passengers waiting to board a delayed flight at Newark Liberty International Airport on February 23, video shows.

Footage filmed by Dalia Elkewisny shows passengers taking part in the quiz while waiting for a delayed flight to Seattle.

“At such tough times, it was really fun and got everyone engaged and laughing instead of just being bored and tired waiting to board an early long flight,” she told Storyful.

Sharing the video in in a tweet, Elkewinsny praised Alaska Airlines, and received a “heart” emoji response from the airline’s official account.

Storyful contacted Alaska Airlines for comment but had not received an official response at the time of writing. Credit: Dalia Elkewisny via Storyful

Video transcript

- Did you also make sure? Oh. Take it and relax. I got you. Relax, relax. Who knows it, all right? Finish this slide. Come on up, baby. Wanna bumble with the B, huh?


Hand it over it.

- All right, bring me it right now. She got $100. That is Queen Bee, Lil' Kim, in case you don't know, repping BK. All right, we are going in order, so the next question-- this one for $175-- all right, the two-parter. I need you to name this queen who took her man to what restaurant when he does it good.


- It is Beyoncé. She took her to Red Lobster, surfboard. All right, and for $50, you must not yet yell out the answer. Hands up, and we'll be able to get this one. What's the phone number that Tommy Two Tone is trying to call this broad by the name of Jenny in his '80s hit song.

- 867- 5409.

- Ah.

- 867-5409.

- Close enough. [INAUDIBLE]. Passenger Harkins. [INAUDIBLE] please proceed to gate number 45 for more.

- You're not supposed to yell it out. You've got to go up and tell it.

- The rule is you cannot yell it out. Someone else gets it, they win it, all right? He gets it. All right, this one right here.