Aldi breaks silence over stickers in meat aisle and shoppers 'don't like it'

Aldi has been slammed over "misleading" 'Made in Britain' stickers - as the item contains European Union pork. Which? warned Aldi ’s Crestwood bacon and cheese wraps were an example of the former as they showed union jacks and the claim “Made in Britain”.

The claim was carried on the front of the packet but on the back of the products revealed they contained EU pork. Ele Clark, the retail editor at Which?, spoke out as the findings were released today - slamming Aldi, Iceland, Tesco, Sainsbury's, Lidl and more.

Which? warned: "While it’s technically within the rules, you might be surprised to find that the pork in your Aldi bacon and cheese wrap – with a big Union Jack and ‘Made in Britain’ adorning the front of the pack – is actually from the EU.

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"Labelling rules state there must be origin information if a shopper might otherwise be misled, for example if a pizza box shows the leaning tower of Pisa but is actually made in the UK. Similarly, if the key ingredient in the food comes from somewhere different from where it was made then the label must show this – which these examples all do.

"But even if manufacturers are adhering to the rules, it’s fair to say some shoppers might be misled by this practice." In response to the warning, one customer said: "Things like the Union Jack flag symbol help, as they make it easier to spot UK produce at a distance."

And a second said: "I don't like it when a product is labelled as “processed in Britain” or “packaged in Britain” because they are trying to get people to think it is a British product, but the ingredients might have come from anywhere."

Aldi had cherry tomatoes from Morocco, parsley from Italy and sweet mini peppers from Spain sitting on a shelf under a large banner decorated with a Union Jack and the words ‘Championing Great British Quality’.

"At Aldi, we support more than 5,000 British suppliers. When it comes to fresh fruit and veg, we are proud to support British farmers and aim to stock British produce whenever it’s available. Customers understand that at this time of year that isn’t always possible, but we remain firmly committed to supporting the British farming community," Aldi said.