Aldi to bring back £5 skincare product that's 'as good as' £35 luxury brand

Aldi Lacura product
The skincare products will be back Sunday, May 5 -Credit:Aldi

Budget supermarket giant Aldi revealed it will be bringing back a cult beauty product next month. After the success of the launch, Aldi's health and beauty brand Lacura will be welcoming its 2% BHA Toner back to stores, as well as a new cleanser.

The toner, which costs £4.99, removes dead skin to provide a 'smooth and luminous complexion'. While its BHA ingredient offers anti-inflammatory properties to help 'reduce the appearance of breakouts and blackheads'.

Aldi's Lacura 2% BHA Toner offers an impressive savings of 83% (£0.25 per ml) when compared to celebrity-approved Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant. The toner is dermatologically tested, cruelty-free and will be available from Sunday, May 5.

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Aldi will also launching a brand new BHA Clearing Cleanser. For £3.99, the specialist skincare must-have will be dropping in stores across the country from Sunday, May 5.

The 'everyday essential' is formulated with cult skin-replenishing and purifying ingredients including glycerine and salicylic acid. Aimed at those with blemish prone skin, the cleanser gently removes excess oils and impurities that can lead to breakouts while leaving textures clean, clear, and refreshed - much like the popular Paula’s Choice Clear Cleanser.

The toner and cleanser will be priced at £4.99 and £3.99, respectively -Credit:Aldi

News of the upcoming skincare products comes just a week after Aldi announced the return of its Beauty Club for the second-year running. Aldi is on the hunt to recruit 20 make-up enthusiasts to trial, test, and review on-trend Lacura beauty products before they land on shelves this summer.

Apply for Aldi’s Beauty Club

Applications are now open and will close on Friday, May 3. To apply, shoppers will need to email the following details to

  • Full name

  • Proof of age (copy of passport or driving licence)

  • TikTok and Instagram handles (accounts must be open/not private)

  • 150-word explanation as to why they should be chosen for the position

  • Favourite Lacura product and why

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