Aldi makes major changes to popular Too Good To Go bags that contain £10 worth of food

Aldi has extended its popular Too Good To Go scheme
Aldi has extended its popular Too Good To Go scheme -Credit:Manchester Evening News

Aldi has made changes to its Too Good To Go bags as of recent. The food boxes cost punters just £3.30 and are jam-packed with £10 worth of food - but the items included are a complete mystery when you buy them.

That means that produce differs each time you buy one, as the supermarket stuffs them with groceries which are nearing their sell-by date to prevent food waste. This has contributed to an estimated saving of 1,500 tonnes of CO2 emissions since the scheme launched.

And due to its surge in popularity, Aldi has made some important changes to the rules. It has firstly extended the collection window for bags, which allows customers to snag them up to 24 hours before a planned collection time.

The Star reports that secondly, shoppers are now able to purchase a surprise bag on a Sunday too.

The collaboration between Aldi and Too Good To Go has resulted in shopper savings to the tune of £7million, with more than half a million bags sold since the firms came together in February last year. The supermarket chain has also revealed the top locations where Too Good To Go bags are bought, with Birmingham leading the pack.

The main midlands city has flogged around 14,000 surprise bags - equating to savings of more than £270,000.

UK cities with the most avid Too Good to Go users:

  1. Birmingham (14,000 bags)

  2. London (11,800 bags)

  3. Liverpool (6,700 bags)

  4. Northampton (5,500 bags)

  5. Glasgow (5,400 bags)

  6. Manchester (5,200 bags)

  7. Coventry (4,600 bags)

  8. Leicester (4,400 bags)

  9. Sheffield (4,200 bags)

  10. Derby (4,200 bags)

On the scheme, Liz Fox, Aldi UK's National Sustainability Director, said: "It is amazing to see the sheer number of our customers that have made the most of our Too Good To Go Surprise Bags since launching last year. This partnership not only allows us to reduce food waste and demonstrate our commitment to being a sustainable retailer, but also enables our customers to access quality food whilst saving even more on their shop."