Aldi wants 24-hour deliveries at this North Staffordshire store six days a week

Discount supermarket chain Aldi is applying for "unrestricted" delivery hours six days a week at its Kidgsrove store. The retailer also wants to extend the hours that deliveries can take place on Sundays.

Currently, deliveries to the Liverpool Road store can only take place between 7am and 9pm, Monday to Saturday, and 9am until 6pm on Sunday. Aldi has lodged an application with Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council to vary the conditions of its planning consent for the store.

The supermarket is proposing round-the-clock delivery hours from Monday to Saturday, with extended hours of 7am until 11pm on Sunday. In its application, a noise impact assessment report says the proposal is "unlikely to cause a significant negative noise impact" on nearby residents.

Its planning statement adds: "The following measures are undertaken to minimise any audible impacts of delivery activity that is generated outside of store trading hours - delivery drivers will switch off refrigeration units and the vehicle’s engine during the loading and unloading process, delivery drivers will disable reversing warning signals, loading and unloading will only be carried out within the designated delivery bay.

"The delivery bay utilises a delivery ramp, sheltered canopy and dock leveller to reduce external noise during deliveries. This process effectively enables loading and unloading to only take place internally within the building, therefore significantly reducing the extent that noise could be heard at any nearby receptors.

"Aldi's store receive on average three to four deliveries per 24-hour period, as well as daily deliveries of milk, bread, and fresh produce by local suppliers, usually using a medium sized goods vehicle." It concludes: "Having taken into consideration the findings of the Noise Impact Assessment, we conclude that none of the proposed amendments would raise any conflict with local or national policies and that the proposed operations would continue to preserve residential amenity and living conditions."

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