This new Aldi wine combined two of my favourite drinks but it wasn’t what I expected

Aldi has launched a pre-mixed Aperini Aperitivo Spritz just in time for summer, so I decided to try some and see what it was like.

The drink is a mix of sparkling white wine and aperol, which happen to be two drinks I really enjoy. Since a classic Aperol spritz cocktail usually has prosecco and soda water in it, I was intrigued to see what the drink would taste like when paired with white wine.

The first thing I noticed was the colour of the Aperini, which was an appealing orange.

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The drink can be bought in Aldi stores for £5.49 and comes in a ready to drink bottle. I love popping the cork off the bottle, and I was pleased to see that telling fizz when I poured the drink into my glass.

What I didn’t expect, however, was the smell. It didn’t smell quite like the bitterness of Aperol, or the fruitiness of white wine, instead it smelled more herby, and that left me a little apprehensive.

Drinking it, you can immediately taste the Aperol, and it was a flavour I had to get used to over a few sips. It is certainly very summery in both look and taste, but I found the combination of white wine and Aperol to be a little unusual.

However, I do think that the taste improved as I got used to it, and it does feel like something you could bring out for a summery barbeque, or even as something to celebrate the upcoming bank holiday Monday.

While it got better as I got through the glass, I think I might stick to a classic Aperol Spritz or glass of white wine rather than combining the two.

The Aperini Aperitivo Spritz is available in ALDI stores now for £5.49. Receive top stories on everything going on in Merseyside including events, shopping and food and drink through our newsletter by signing up here.